Give an update on your Education Practicum Project. How do you plan to disseminate?

Week 1 Discussion:  Education Practicum Project Update and Plan for Dissemination:

Provide an update on your Education Practicum Project. How do you plan to disseminate the results of your project?


The purpose of the two discussions is for students to share and discuss the updates for the education practicum project, plan for dissemination, and the planned direct care experience.

Participation Guidelines:

Each discussion in week one is worth 25 points.  The student provides an answer to all questions asked for each discussion in week.  Students must post a minimum of two times in each discussion.  The two posts in each individual discussion must be on separate days. A substantive post contributes significant ideas or thoughts to the discussion

I am starting my second part of the practicum which has to do with implementation of this project of the first part of the practicum. I would like to create a plan on how to disseminate and implement the project. I plan to implement it this week. I need to give and update to my peers .The practicum site is a clinical setting . You can add that I already  discussed my plan with my mentor .

PICOT Question
The PICOT question is; For new nurses, does return demonstration in patient assessment
produce better results than theoretical guidelines in increasing nurses’ knowledge on the
prevention of nosocomial pressure ulcers in one month

The project is focused on increasing knowledge among the new nurses on prevention of pressure ulcers via return demonstration .

Below is  what I already wrote for the implementation  to help you to complete the assignment


Within the facility, the nurse educator, who is also my mentor shall carry out robust
laboratory sessions in which she will illustrate the various strategies and equip the new nurses
with adequate knowlegde regarding pressure ulcers. During the sessions, all particpants shall be
under strict supervision and interactive questions administered by the instructor .
 The next session shall invole practical assignment for the new nurses to undertake to
show their mastery of the strategies taught.The nurse educator shall guide the new nurses and
enlighten them on the appropriate interventions to prevent pressure ulcers. Questionnaires with
4-likert scale shall be provided to help in determining the level of understanding regarding
prevention of pressure ulcers (See Appendix D). Upon completion of the project, open and close-
ended questionnaires shall be administered to the participants to collect feedback based on the
return demonstration learning technique and gaining knowledge. Interviews shall be conducted
through random samples from the nurses from each session. The data shall be collected and
recorded by the educators and later translated and scrutinized by professionals to determine the
validity of the responses by the sample selected to ensure high validity and reliability of data
collected within the practicum site.

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