Final Assignment REVIEW ALL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW CAREFULLY BEFORE STARTING TO COMPLETE YOUR ASSIGNMENT! Your assignment will be to create a waste management plan. The assignment can be for your current employer or former employer if you are not currently employed. If you are not employed and wish to research another company and develop the waste management plan on that company, you can, however all the details of the company profile MUST be included in the assignment.

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Each student must submit their own original work.  Similar or same assignments submitted by more than one student is not permitted and will not be graded.
  • Assignment is 20% of total grade.
  • Assignment is to be between 4 and 6 pages maximum (not including sources).
  • Single spaced.
  • Arial or Time Roman 12 font.
  • No Cover Page is required.
  • Ensure full name in the top right hand corner in the header.
  • Submitted in PDF format only.
  • Page numbers to be included in footer.
  • All sources must be cited and listed on the last page, including personnel interviews.
  • If you are using company documentation or policies that you have helped develop, these must be referenced in the sources.
  • Your assignment must be submitted using the course’s Assignments link (above): 3320 Assignment.
  • Please refer to the following PDF that contains the grading rubric for this assignment:   rubric-assignment-COHS3320.pdf

Assignment Details:

  1. Start your assignment with a brief one half (½) to three quarters(¾) page description of the company.  Include business practices, business processes, and the business sector (Construction, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Retail etc.). Ensure you include all business units of the company in your description (for example a construction company could have both residential and commercial construction that generates waste). Each of these business units can create unique waste streams.  This description and the detail you provide around the company profile is a critical process in assessing the environmental impacts for your company and can have an impact in managing your waste management plan. 
  2. Identify all of the waste streams that your company generates. (If your company has more than one business unit, use only a single business unit of the company identified in your introduction for the assignment). This is done through an inventory of all areas of your business and looks at all waste that you send to landfill or already recycling. Include estimated or known volumes of waste generated for each stream (tonnes, litres, etc.). 
    • Some examples of waste streams to think about and include:
  1. Recyclables (cardboard, edible organic material, metals, wood, paper, plastics). Break each of these down into individual waste streams as separation and sorting are critical to successful waste diversion.
  2. Clothing or other items
  3. Beverage containers
  4. Electronic items, light bulbs, computer equipment
  5. Paints, chemicals, hazardous goods
  6. Materials that can’t be recycled and how you would address reducing dependence on them
  1. Develop your waste management plan, strategies and targets over a 3 year period. Include information related to rolling out the plan such as communication strategies, training materials, posters, success and failure communications.
  2. One of the critical areas that will be looked at is how realistic are your targets and how they relate to your program and total effort that will be required to implement it.  

Additional Comments

The development of a waste management plan is not intended to be a difficult task.

In creating the assignment, I am looking for the student to be able to look at what types of waste their business is generating,  use actual volumes or estimate volumes if they don’t have access to actual volumes and put together a plan to reduce, re-use or recycle those items over an initial 3-year period with the goal to long term management of those items. 

Key to being able to grade the assignment is an accurate and factual introduction to the company you work for as then I can provide examples of what you may have missed or areas where you can also look at to implement change.

Before you begin your assignment, review the following document for guidance on formatting and completion of your waste management plan. Ensure you use the subtitles identified in this document as the subtitles for your assignment so you capture all details needed in your management plan.  If you use the format in this document, you will capture all the information and actions needed to complete the assignment.

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