Overview: While Student Affairs personnel were not always seen as educators, it is now generally expected that is part of their work with students. This often looks differently than what and how professors teach in the classroom. In fact, it is often more experiential and can take the form of group facilitation and more active types of learning. How might you fit into the role of a Student Affairs educator? What would you teach students? How might you teach them?

Post: After completing this week’s readings and resources, imagine yourself as a Student Affairs professional tasked with educating a group of students about a topic of your choosing that might appeal to a college student. Think about the typical needs of college students and your personal interests and abilities. [Note to writer: You can come up with one. Always try to come up with American college (possibly community college) and choose anything you think is interesting] After making a choice in what to teach this group of students, choose one of the seven models of teaching and facilitation that best fits you and what you want to teach that are described in Chapter 26 of our textbook (Schuh et al., 2017). If what is described in the text about your model isn’t sufficient to plan for your educational program, you might need to do some additional outside research on it. Your discussion needs to be approximately 300 words.

  1. Report what you have chosen to teach and the model you will use. 
  2. Explain why you made these choices.
  3. Describe the specific skills you will need to get students engaged in this learning activity and help ensure they learn the material.

Use the APA style to format your in-text citations and references.


Required Textbooks

  • Schuh, H., Jones, S. R., & Torres, V. (2017). Student services: A handbook for the profession (6th ed.). Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9781119049593.


Required Readings:

Required Resources:

Recommended Readings

Recommended Resources:

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