Topic for web:

The proposed topic for the term-long social marketing project and its explanation   Explain why it is suitable and important enough for a social marketing campaign. 

Remember, it should have some connection to sustainability. 


Bras, and the environment. See, as much as I think the way bars are, are very dated in many ways but one of the frustrating things is comfortability, fabric, and style. The styles are usually floral, lace, or boring plain.  Comfort issues if the contraption they call straps, feeling compressed and fabric which is either rough on the skin or sometimes causes irritations. However, the number of bars each year that end up in landfills is over 35k and so here is where the environment comes in. Now, imagine the number of things that are already in landfills and now to add feminine undergarments to the list. Have you ever thought of one of those straps accidentally wrapped around a bird’s neck? I would like to focus on eco-friendly bras that keep not only the environment healthy and safe but also women too. If creating eco-friendly bras that have multiple uses and wearing them in different ways reduces neck, back, and shoulder pain, bad posture, and rubbing and chafing on the skin causing abrasions then that is remarkable by improving the environment and health but overall a way to sustain its use. 

Create a website for your social marketing campaign on Wix.

You can choose to create it yourself using templates or have Wix “automatically” create it.

Make sure you name it appropriately. 

Include, a minimum, an “about us” page, a “blog” page, and places for audio and video.

Start adding photos and copy

Publish it

Submit the URL to this assignment to me.  

Website; Turn Around Don’t Drown® (

Example: Home | Name Biological Annihilation (

Radio/Audio Ad Analysis

Start Assignment

For this assignment, find a radio or audio commercial (it doesn’t have to be social marketing).

Do the following:

1) Transcribe it using the format in Kuehn (on Canvas). Do not submit a pre-written script. It is worthwhile trying to recreate what you are hearing on the page.

2) Analyze it. What was it trying to do? What made it more or less effective? Pay special attention to its use of a variety of sounds. 

Be prepared to talk about it in class.

Part 2 W5 CN2

For the next few weeks we will be talking about and writing audio ads. Traditionally this meant writing for “radio,” a medium you may not even use anymore apart from driving in your car and listening to sports or talk programs. Regardless of the distribution medium, the rules for writing for audio are pretty consistent. The biggest difference is probably duration, which is standardized in radio (60, 30, 15, 10 seconds) and is more variable in digital contexts. 

Writing for audio means working in sound only. This is not necessarily a limitation. Sounds connect more directly to the emotions than visual images. Hearing a human voice is more personal than reading it. 

See Tony Schwartz, recording and advertising guru, on the power of sound. 


(You don’t have to watch the whole thing, but I usually play long clips in face-to-face classes.)

Radio has long been pitched as “theatre of the mind” because it requires you to use your imagination to visualize what is happening. It also means your scripts can be full of fantastic elements that don’t have to be produced visually, just suggested through sound.

I’ve provided you three readings as foundations for audio writing (the Hilliard chapter also goes into video scripting). These provide suggestions for effective scriptwriting as well as formats you should follow in your own scripts. I’ve also given you a link to the Radio Advertising Bureau, a trade group charged with promoting the use of radio as an advertising medium. 

During the two weeks following this one we will concentrate on writing audio for social marketing. By that point you should have a firm idea of the behavior you are trying to influence, and the creative idea you are going to use in influencing it (tag lines, especially). 

For now, though, we will look at audio commercials generally. Here’s what I’d like you to start thinking about:

How is sound used to convey a message? What are the ways different kinds of sounds: (speech, sound effects, and music) can be combined to convey a message effectively?

This week I want you to find a radio/audio commercial and do two things:

1) Transcribe it, noting timing, the words said and the music and sounds used. (see the Kuehn reading for a format). 

2) Analyze it. What was it trying to do and what made it work (or not work)? 

There are a lot of radio ads out there on the internet (Youtube is a surprisingly good source, though make sure you find a real one). I’ve provided links to a variety of radio ad collections on Canvas. You should probably start with the cream-of-the-crop, the WEBSITE:

Radio Mercury Awards  If you want a model of how to analyze audio advertising, I’ve provided a link to a collection of UK ads accompanied by commentary. And, finally, I’ve linked to the greatest radio campaign of all time (at least according to past students of this class), Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius. 

D1: Audio Analysis Discussion

Post the transcription and a link to the ad you analyzed for the audio analysis assignment

READING: Writing the Radio Commercial 2017 Scott A Kuehn.pdf

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