In this assignment, you are to respond to the Rudolph reading and the Knute Rockne movie.


Post: Prepare your thoughts in response to the following prompts and post approximately 300 word to the discussion board. In your response, integrate the Rudolph reading and the Knute Rockne movie along with your experience and any research that is appropriate.

  • What institutions did you attend as an undergraduate student and what role did you perceive college sports played at your institution? [Note to writer: You can name any university in the US and that I was much more interested in college basketball more than anything else.]
  • What connections did you make between your experience, the movie, and the reading? [Note to writer: You can come up with any sensible reply that you think]
  • How did the movie aid in your understanding of the development of college football? [Note to writer: You can come up with any sensible reply that you think]
  • Why do you think college football took off in the United States? [Note to writer: You can come up with any sensible reply that you think]


Required Textbooks:

  • Thelin, J. R. (2019). A history of American higher education (3rd ed.). Johns Hopkins University Press.  ISBN: 9781421428833.

Required Resources:

  • Bacon, L. (Director). (1940). Knute Rockne–All American [Film]. Warner Brothers.
  • Merrow, J., Tulenko, J. D., Glasser, C., Heus, J., Isaacs, S., Wald, D., & Ryan, P. (2005). Declining by degrees: Higher education at risk. Distributed by PBS Home Video.
  • Washington, D. (2007). The Great Debaters. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).


Required Readings:

·    A History of American Higher Education, Text

·   Rudolph, F. (1968). The American college and university: a history. Knopf, pg. 373 – 393

Required Resources:

Recommended Readings:

Recommended Resources:

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