Instructions: Write a reflection on the Campus Crisis Simulation. [Note to writer: Link to the Video is:]. As a reminder, in this scenario, you will assume the role of Dean Reyes and make a series of decisions to address the situation being presented, primarily in regard to the students and the overall campus unrest over the issue. Continue to make choices presented to you until you reach the end of the scenario.

Write a around 900-word reflection paper on the scenario. Address the following aspects: [Note to writer: Please make sure you address each and every point in these points]

  • Identify the type of crisis that is described in the case (human, facilities, environmental). Provide examples.
  • Identify the level of crisis in the case (critical incidents, campus emergencies, disasters, catastrophes). Provide examples.
  • Identify and explain how the presented crisis is a distributive, social, or restorative justice issue.
  • Explain what type of justice issue this campus crisis most closely represents and how you would organize an appropriate approach in responding to it. This response can build on the types of responses offered in the scenario or could go a different direction. 
  • Describe how the scenario relates to both advising and crisis management using concepts from our readings.
  • Our textbook describes four skills and competencies that are most likely to be needed in human critical incidents (effective communication, perspective taking, acting with integrity, and a learning orientation). Explain how you would recommend to Dean Reyes to use each of these skills and competencies to respond to this campus crisis.
  • Recommend to Dean Reyes a general strategy for effective crisis management utilizing one of the five philosophical frames our textbook identifies (hospitality, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, charity, dynamic tension).

Your paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines including a title page, reference page, and in-text citations. 

[Note to writer: Again, just as a reminder – – In Week 3’s Discussion, the instructor gave me a comment and got few points deducted and I have his comment below. The reason that I am giving it to you is to learn from it and not to make the same mistake in this or the coming discussions or assignments. Overall, you did well and the deducted points were minimal. Look at the instructor’s comment below.]

“Thanks for your initial discussion post and responses. You offered some good thoughts, some of which was tailored to the details described in the scenario. Keep trying to tie the points you make back to what you’ve read in our textbook and other readings/resources. For example, you make some supervisory recommendations that don’t seem connected to any readings or resources. We want to make sure you aren’t just offering opinions but are applying what you’ve read to the scenario.”


Required Textbooks

  • Schuh, H., Jones, S. R., & Torres, V. (2017). Student services: A handbook for the profession (6th ed.). Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9781119049593.


Required Readings

Recommended Readings

Recommended Resources:

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