For this case study, you will analyze the 2015 emissions-cheating Volkswagen scandal. Review the
material presented in newspaper accounts since August 2015 regarding this scandal, including
analytical/editorial pieces. These are readily available via a simple Internet search of the major
national and world newspapers.
Analyze the leadership, decision making, marketing, and oversight factors inherent in this case by
using any of the perspectives presented in this course (identified accurately). Make solid
connections between the issue(s) you identify in the Volkswagen case and your assigned
From information available at this time, it appears that problems at Volkswagen may be pervasive,
however this assignment is NOT intended to be a broadly researched one. Therefore, select one
element on which to focus (understanding that this system failure is interconnected), and research,
analyze, and recommend a course of action for that selected element. Feel free to mention other
areas of the company that would be impacted by any changes in the department or area that you
research, but you are only expected to address ONE main point that you identify as a major
issue/problem in the Volkswagen Case.
The requirements for this assignment are:
• APA formatted paper including title and reference pages.
• Length of 3 pages excluding title and reference pages.
• Minimum of 2 additional references than those provided below with all appropriate citations.
• A statement of one main point that you have identified as a major issue/problem in the
Volkswagen case.
• An analysis of that main point from the perspective of your assigned worldview.
• A conclusion, as a result of your analysis, making a recommendation about a course of action
that Volkswagen should take going forward.
• An explanation of concepts from your assigned perspective in a way that effectively addresses
the systems, structures, culture and/or environments that allowed the situation to occur and
persist over years and across borders.
BUS668 – Virtuous Leadership
Volkswagon Case Study
The following articles will get you started:
• Gardner, T., Lienert, P., and Morgan, D. (2015, Sept 24). After year of stonewalling,
Volkswagen stunned U.S. regulators with confession. Reuters Business News.
• Hakim, D., Kessler, A., and Ewing, J. (2015, Sept 26). As Volkswagon pushed to be no. 1,
ambitions fueled a scandal. New York Times.
Refer to the grading rubric below for grading criteria.
Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before
you write, and again after you write.
Evaluation Rubric for VW Case Study Assignment
0 – 15 points 16 – 17 points 18 – 20 points
Main point The main point is unclear,
unfocused, and/or does
not sufficiently relate to
the issue.
The main point is stated
effectively and
expressed sufficiently to
set the stage for the topic
related to the issue to be
The clear, concise and
well-defined main point is
creatively used to
establish the foundation
for the topic related to the
issue to be analyzed
0 – 23 points 24 – 26 points 27 – 30 points
Analysis and
Topic progression is
disjointed, lacks
congruence and/or does
not follow logically from
the topic statement. Less
than 2 additional
references provided.
There is a demonstrated
progression of thought
that is generally logical,
but may lack integration,
flow, and some
evidentiary support.
Includes at least 2
additional references.
There is a demonstrated
logical progression of
thought that is easy to
follow, coherent, contains
evidentiary support and
forms a complete
framework for content
development. Includes at
least 2 additional
0 – 15 points 16 – 17 points 18 – 20 points
Conclusion Does not take a position
recommendation) on the
major issue; irrelevant
and/or vague details are
Meaningful details
presented but these may
require further clarity
and/or depth to support
the position (conclusion/
Relevant, meaningful
details are used to
defend the position
(support the
ons); integrates
convincing supporting
0 – 11 points 12 – 13 points 14 -15 points
Use of
and concepts
Analysis of specific
perspective suffers from
failure to accurately
and/or appropriately
apply terminology and
concepts from the
Analysis of specific
perspective relative to
this issue is supported
satisfactorily by the use
of terminology and
concepts from the
Terminology and
concepts from the
specific perspective are
used effectively and
appropriately to support
detailed presentation of
the issue
Errors impede
professional presentation
of material; guidelines not
Few errors that do not
impede professional
presentation of material
Writing and format is
clear, professional, APA
compliant, and error free

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