In this activity, you will visualize the accomplishment of one of your most important goals or dreams. Once you vividly picture this ideal outcome, you will have strengthen your commitment to achieve it, and you will know how to do the same thing with all of your goals and dreams. 

What to Do

Describe a visualization of the exact moment in the future when you are experiencing your biggest goal or dream in your life. Describe the scene of your success as if it is happening to you NOW. For example, if your desire is to graduate from a four-year school with a 3.5 GPA, you might write: (remember NOT to copy my example for your post!)

“I am dressed in a long, blue robe, the tassel from my graduation cap tickling my face. I look out over the thousands of people in the audience, and I see my mother, a smile spreading across her face. I hear the announcer call my name. I feel a rush of adrenaline, and chills tingle on my back as I take my first step onto the stage. I see the college president smiling, reaching her hand out to me in congratulations. I hear the announcer repeat my name, adding that I am graduating with honors, having a high GPA. I see my classmates standing to applaud me. Their cheers flow over me, filling me with pride and happiness. I walk…”

Add a Picture

For visual appeal, consider adding a picture of your dream in your discussion. You can add a picture of yourself or you can use digital images that depict your visualization. Allow your creativity to support your dream.

Remember the 4 keys to an effective visualization:

  1. Relax to free your imagination.
  2. Use present-tense verbs. Describe the experience as if you are talking to someone on the phone at the very moment you are doing it. I am going through the door…
  3. Use all five senses. What you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel (touch)?
  4. Include emotion. Imagine yourself feeling fantastic in this moment of grand accomplishment. You deserve to feel fantastic!

Read your visualization often. Ideal times are right before you go to sleep and when you first wake in the morning. You may even wish to record your visualization and listen to them often. 

Journal Format

New Times Roman, Arial or Calibri font style
Use 12 point font, 1 inch margin, double spaced
No limit of length as long as you are providing a meaningful response with a minimum of 2 paragraphs in length. Quality work over quantity or length.
Use proper sentences

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