Goutam Patel (he, him, his), a 25-year-old Indian American man, comes to you for an evaluation, along with his mother. Goutam has been in outpatient psychotherapy for 6 months with a therapist who provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Goutam has had severe anxiety since the age of 15. Both he and his mother state that the CBT seems to be helping only a little and he must get more help. Goutam is not able to go to his college classes most days because he is very anxious. He often stays inside, refusing to go outside or socialize with his friends. He has become what his mother describes as “depressed.” He was only able to make it to the appointment today because his mother drove him.

Choose a behavioral technique from Wheeler’s Psychotherapy for the Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse that applies to Goutam’s situation. As his psychiatric nurse practitioner, create a 5- to 10-minute video for Goutam, explaining how he could use the technique to reduce anxiety. Do not create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation; the video should be how you would demonstrate the technique or skill in person to Goutam. 

create a video script with the information required.

2 Evidenced based references APA 7th format, check in Grammarly and turnitin

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