Practice Being Evaluated : VA Hospital Brooklyn NY
***Be creative on making up a fake research !!!!

Create a research study with the practice being evaluated: VA Hospital Brooklyn NY

Introduction: What problem (mental health, behavioral, social) is addressed by the practice being evaluated?

Assessment Tool: Students are to research the use of a tool/ a measurement/ scale and find evidence of its reliability. Include a copy of the tool in the paper

PHQ-9 scale screening for depression/suicidal, orphans aggression scale for assess adolescent aggression behavior and or Davidson trauma scale to assess severity of current trauma. 

Literature Review: 3 peer review articles that support your selection of the intervention 

Findings: what did your study reveal? What did you find out ? 
Recommendation of Practice: any suggestions or ideas as a social worker you recommend for this facility to practice etc
Self evaluation: how can research inform practice ? What can social workers do to help change practices used at the VA Hospital Brooklyn NY 
***Be creative

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