To Prepare:

Review the articles in this week’s Learning Resources and evaluate their use of linear regression. Select one article that interests you to examine more closely in this Discussion.

Critically analyze the article that you selected and consider the strengths and weaknesses described.

Reflect on potential remedies to address these weaknesses, and how the findings from this study may contribute to evidence-based practice, the field of nursing, or society in general.

By Day 3 of Week 7

Post a brief description of the article that you selected, providing its correct APA citation. Critically analyze the article by addressing the following questions:

What are the goals and purposes of the research study that the article describes?

How is linear or logistic regression used in the study? What are the results of its use?

What other quantitative and statistical methods could be used to address the research issue discussed in the article?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study?

Then, explain potential remedies to address the weaknesses that you identified for the research article that you selected. Analyze the importance of this study to evidence-based practice, the nursing profession, or society. Be specific and provide examples

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