General Description

First, we went to the university facilities to 3d scan my foot using blue laser 3d scanners from Hexagon Metrology. Now, I must create a solid 3d model in SolidWorks from that obtained (.stl) file. Then, from that I must exactly mirror and create a solid 3d model of an insole perfectly fitting my foot. After that I need to insert that to nTopology and try and fill the insole geometry with conformal lattice structures. The next step will be to visit the biomechanics university facilities to obtain a pressure field map of my foot. And, then inserting this data into nTopology and generate a lattice structure arrangement that varies the thickness and density in regions of higher load/pressure.


In-shoe foot orthoses (FO) are used to support and accommodate the foot to avoid or correct foot deformities, help to maintain uniform body weight distribution, improve foot function as well as reduce pain.

Research Aim and Objectives

This research will aim to design and fabricate a shoe insole with a set of individually defined parameters. To achieve this aim, the following research objectives were identified:

  • To obtain an accurate digital representation of the foot morphology by directly 3d scanning the foot.
  • To obtain an accurate digital representation of the foot morphology by 3d scanning the foot directly.
  • To create a precise 3d model of the foot and insole by using and modifying the digitized data in SolidWorks.
  • To perform a foot pressure mapping and use data to generate a lattice arrangement that varies thickness and density in high-pressure regions of the insole in nTopology.
  • To perform a foot pressure mapping and use data to optimize the lattice arrangement of higher pressure regions of the insole in nTopology.
  • To assess and compare the performance of various lattice structured unit cells using compression testing.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Foot Orthoses

  • Foot conditions treated with orthotics
  • General function and requirements for shoe insoles
  • Foot assessment for orthotics
  • Functions of foot orthoses
  • Types of foot orthoses

Design Methods

  • Foot geometry capture
  • Foot orthoses design
  • Traditional foot orthoses design methods
  • New foot orthoses design methods (CAD)
  • Foot orthoses design features

Materials & Cellular/Lattice Structures

  • Foot orthoses materials
  • Search for ideal material (engineering resin)
  • Lattice Structures

Fabrication/Manufacturing Methods

  • Foot orthoses fabrication
  • Traditional foot orthoses fabrication
  • New orthoses fabrication new methods
  • Current manufacturing methods
  • 3D printing methodologies

Testing Methods

  • Test methods for shoe insoles
  • Testing of orthosis (foot orthoses)
  • Compression tests, etc.

Some useful keywords

  • Insole
  • Field-driven design
  • Custom-made foot orthoses
  • Customized foot orthoses
  • Reverse engineering
  • Foot pronation
  • 3D printing
  • 3D scanning
  • Custom lattice-based
  • Lattice integration
  • Foot orthoses (-is)
  • Personalized insole
  • Stress distribution
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Biomechanical customization
  • Insole materials
  • Data driven lattices
  • Orthotic insoles, etc.

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