Unit V


Timothy: We had another rough week with our fundraising efforts. It seems like no one wants to contribute to our non-profit. We will either have to close down our non-profit or increase our fundraising efforts significantly. Since we are not significantly increasing our fundraising, we will have to close down our non-profit. 

Felicia: Yeah, things are not looking good for us, but Timothy, I am not sure that this is an either-or situation. There are other possibilities besides the two that you presented. It is possible, for example, that we can increase our fundraising a little more (and thus not significantly) without having to completely close down our wonderful tutoring non-profit. We just need enough money to continue to pay our tutors who are doing a great job in offering tutoring to students who cannot afford expensive math and science tutoring. 

Amanda: That’s true, Felicia, but we need some smart fundraising ideas. I think advertising our fundraising dinners on social media sites is a good idea. We should advertise on those sites. It is a good idea because millions of companies are advertising on social media sites.

Felicia: Amanda, you are absolutely right! Advertising our fundraising dinners on social media sites is a good idea, but it is not a good idea because it is popular. Sometimes, things that are popular are not necessarily good. 

Timothy: That sounds great! Does anyone have any other ideas? 

Amanda: Well…for 30 years now we have advertised in our local newspaper. It has been a strong tradition since our founder, Jason Smith, started Smith Tutoring 40 years ago. Since it has been a tradition, I think we should keep advertising in our local newspaper.

Felicia: I disagree, Amanda. Just because something is tradition does not mean it is good. Besides, people do not buy the newspaper as much as they used to, and that is because of the internet. Our local newspaper has seen a significant drop in readership. 

Amanda: I see your point Felicia. How about this? How about we go to the advertising firm that is right next door, Smart Ads. They are a very successful advertising company as a whole. I have seen their ads. Since they are a great advertising company as whole, I bet their individual employees are also great. We can go in there first thing tomorrow and talk to one of their employees because they will be phenomenal.

Timothy: That sounds like a great idea! It might not be the case that every employee is great just because the company is great. What is good about a group is not also good about the individual member of that group, but I think we should definitely go and talk to someone there.

Amanda: Sounds good to me! 

Felicia: Me too! 

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