After completing the reading, think about how you might test the usability of the tutorial you are creating for the Unit 9 Assignment. Consider the intended audience’s qualities and how the usability test would need to be structured, implemented, documented, and analyzed to determine whether the tutorial would be successful upon release to the identified audience. When describing this plan for your usability test, include the following information in paragraph format:

  • Audience. Describe the individuals who would partake in the test. Explain your decisions.
  • Method. Describe the potential environment and process for the testing. Explain your decisions.
  • Challenges. Describe the challenges you might face during the usability testing and how you might overcome these challenges.

Cite content from this unit’s readings or relevant and reliable internet sources as support of ideas you have noted in your post. Citing research should serve to add credibility and insight to your paragraphs. You will need to use APA formatted in-text citations in your paragraphs to indicate which sentences reflect ideas from sources; references should be provided at the end of your post. The Writing Center has resources on APA citation formatting.

All discussion responses should be written in complete sentences using Standard English to create cohesive paragraphs. Technical writers are often held to minimum and/or maximum word counts. As a guideline, your initial post should be approximately 200 words. Quality, thorough, and relevant content should take precedence since a longer response may be needed to adequately respond to the discussion topic posed above.

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