Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

  • Distinguish foundational networking concepts.
  • Compare TCP/IP and user datagram protocols.
  • Break down cabling and data transmission types.
  • Contrast network devices and services as they relate to the OSI model.

Course Outcome:

Apply secure design principles to network architecture.


In this assignment, you will examine fundamental concepts in networking that are necessary to pass the CISSP exam. This includes examining the OSI model.

Assignment Instructions

Using Credible Sources, Justify Your Answers to Questions

Answer the following 12 questions by selecting the one best answer for each. Cite your course texts, or other credible source, and provide a 50- to 100-word explanation of why you chose your answer for each question.

  1. Which OSI function ensures that the identity of the remote host is verified, and that the data received is authentic?
    1. Routing
    2. Authentication
    3. Encryption
  2. Which layer of the TCP/IP model corresponds to the Transport layer of the OSI model?
    1. Network access
    2. Internet
    3. Host-to-host
  3. Which OSI process ensures that each OSI layer at the sender adds its own information to the packet and each OSI layer at the receiver strips off its corresponding information?
    1. Negotiation
    2. Encapsulation
    3. Compression
  4. Which function does the Session layer of the OSI model provide?
    1. Data synchronization
    2. Logical network addressing
    3. Physical network addressing
  5. What are the key functions of the OSI Network layer?
    1. Flow control
    2. Path selection
    3. Data segmentation
    4. Logical addressing
    5. Physical addressing
      1. Option a
      2. Option b
      3. Option c
      4. Option d
      5. Option e
      6. Options b and d
      7. All of the options
  6. Which functions can take place at the Data-link layer of the OSI model?
    1. Routing
    2. Flow control
    3. Error notification
    4. Physical addressing
    5. Setting voltage levels in transmission media
      1. Option a
      2. Option b
      3. Option c
      4. Option d
      5. Option e
      6. Options a and e
      7. Options a, b, and d
      8. All of the options
  7. You want to use the IANA-designated private IP address range that provides host IP addresses with a maximum of 16 bits. Which IP address is a valid host IP address in this range?
  8. What is the base network ID for the address /18?
  9. Which of the following processes of risk management is the process of selecting strategies to deal with identified risk, according to business risk appetite?
    1. Risk treatment
    2. Risk assessment
    3. Acceptance of residual risk
  10. Which of the following security controls might force an operator into collusion with personnel assigned organizationally within a different function in order to gain access to unauthorized data?
    1. Enforcing regular password changes
    2. Job rotation of operations personnel
    3. Asset value x loss expectancy
  11. When you were leaving work for the day, you inadvertently left the secure facility with classified documents. What kind of incident is this?
    1. Breach of confidentiality
    2. Availability issue
    3. Classic case of corporate espionage
  12. Which one of the following represents an ALE calculation?
    1. Gross loss expectancy x loss frequency
    2. Single loss expectancy x annualized rate of occurrence
    3. Asset value x loss expectancy

Assignment Requirements

Answers contain enough information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors.

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