Lab Details

NOTE: Unit 4 has an Assignment and a Lab. Each will be submitted to their individual Dropbox. Unit 4 Lab: Configuring a pfSense Firewall on the Server Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcome:

Explain the role of risk assessments in the modern organization.

Course Outcome:

IT104-2: Discuss the role of security assessments.


This Lab provides the hands-on element to your studies. It gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience using the tools and techniques associated with ethical hacking. In this Lab, you will be configuring firewalls.

Lab Instructions

In modern networks, there are two locations that firewalls can typically be installed. There are firewalls that protect a single computer or device, and there are firewalls that protect an entire network. Previously, you looked at host-based firewalls. Now you will configure a server-based firewall that could protect a single computer or if the device is dual-honed, it could protect an entire network.

Complete the assigned parts of the Lab. Compile your Lab report in a Microsoft Word document with a title page and including explanatory text where needed or required by the Lab. Conduct research and cite supporting sources in APA format where appropriate.

Open the Lab entitled “Configuring a pfSense Firewall for the Server” using the link in this Lab section.

Read the introductory material then click on 4. Section 2 Applied Learning Complete Steps 1–11, in Part 1: “Examine a pfSense Server Firewall Configuration.” (NOTE: Please do NOT turn in the spreadsheet with your assignment as it indicates in Step 1).

Take screenshots of Steps 7 and 11.

Complete Steps 1–9 in Part 2: “Allow Access from a Public Address.” Take a screenshot of Steps 3 and 9.

After you have completed your Lab, write a paragraph that introduces the Lab to the reader. The introduction will be a minimum of 250 words and summarize what you did in the Lab and its importance to cybersecurity or the unit materials.

For more information please see the “Example Lab” in Course Resources.

The following resources will help you get oriented in the lab environment:Common Lab Tasks Manua   l and J and B Lab Tips. The manual will provide detail and the tips are a very abbreviated reference. Lab Requirements

Answers contain sufficient information to adequately answer the questions and contain no spelling, grammar, or APA errors.

For assistance with APA requirements, review the resources in the Academic Tools section of the course. Also, review the Policy on plagiarism. If you have any questions, please contact your professor.

Directions for Submitting Your Lab

Compose your Lab in a Microsoft Word document and save it, along with your screenshots, as a file entitled IT104_YourName_Unit_4_Lab.docx and submit it to the appropriate Dropbox for Unit 4.

Review the Unit 4 Lab Rubric before starting this activity.

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