Mr. S is a 38-year old patient who has been admitted to the burn center with full thickness burns over 50% of his body. He was working under a truck when it caught fire, trapping him. He has no prior health issues, except for possibly alcoholism. The specialist gave beginning orders of IV therapy of lactated ringer running wide open, pain medications, constant monitoring of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and lab work every two hours.

  1. Explain why it is important to increase fluid content in this patient. Support your answer using specific facts, data, examples, and other information drawn from the textbook and at least one other supplemental source.

Baby S (a 3-month old baby boy) was brought to the clinic by his foster mother. He has been in her care only 24 hours and came with some problems due to lack of care. He has an inflamed bottom near his scrotum and anus. The foster mother states that he has been crying nearly continually since he came to her, and he is very uncomfortable when he urinates.  He looks dehydrated as his lips are dry and skin appears dry. She has attempted to put some cream on the bottom, with no effect.

  • Explain the treatment plan based on your idea of the type of infection. You will need to defend your answer using specific facts, data, and other information drawn from the textbook and at least one other supplemental source.

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