Unit 10 Discussion Topic 1

Software Development Models

Proficient knowledge of the application of security through the life cycle of software begins with understanding basic terminology. Describe and provide an example of one of the following software engineering terms: CASE, JAD, RAD, prototyping, waterfall, spiral model, split knowledge, software escrow, or OOP. Also, provide a credible source to justify your answer.

Unit 10 Discussion Topic 2

Database Terminology

A database is interrelated data stored in a way to allow users/applications to simultaneously access and modify data. Database management allows the database to enforce control, data integrity, and redundancy, and allows different data manipulation. Describe and provide an example of one of the following database terms: tuple, schema, view, primary key, foreign key, instance, delegation, inheritance, residual data, data mining, data warehousing, cell suppression, perturbation, database partitioning, and mobile code. Provide a credible source to justify your answer.

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