Describe all epithelial tissues, including cell shape, layers, locations, and functions of each type.
Describe the different types of cell junctions and provide examples of each type.
Explain the functions of cell junctions, provide examples.
Describe all connective tissues, including cell shape, layers, locations, and functions of each type.
What is the cell matrix when referring to connective tissues?
Describe all muscle tissues, including cell shape, and layers, functions, and provide examples of locations for each type.
Describe the unique intercellular connections between muscle cells.
Describe a neuron, and provide the different types of cellular organelles, and cell junctions associated with a neuron. 
Provide functions for the 6 different types of neuroglial cells.
Describe the main structural features of the epidermis and explain the functional significance of each.
Explain what accounts for individual differences in skin color and compare basal cell carcinoma with malignant melanoma.
Describe the structure and functions of the dermis and hypodermis.

Teacher said on one assignment simple answers. 
Summarize the effects of aging on the skin.
Describe the interaction between sunlight and endocrine functioning as they relate to the skin.
Why is the interaction of UV light on the skin so important to the synthesis of Vitamin D?
Describe the functions of Vitamin D.
Explain how the skin responds to injury and is able to repair itself. Provide the steps in skin repair.
Describe the three major types of skin cancer.
Explain and list the ABCDE rule of skin cancer.
Explain and list the 4 different types of skin burns, the level of skin affected, and the prognosis

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