Assignment Rationale:

This assignment asks you to draw on your first-hand experiences of different training approaches and marry this with wider research in order to analyse the nature of two different trainings – thus enhancing your understanding of how and why training works. The key parameter of this task is that you focus on two different principles (i.e. one organising rule from each chosen practitioner’s training), using these to focus your analysis and so uncover the conception, construction and impact of the training of the two different practitioners. In order to understand the training you will need to examine both the theoretical frameworks of the training and practical examples of the training.

Written Assignment Title:

‘Choose two of the main practitioners you have worked on in this module. Identify one performance/training principle from each practitioner that are, in your opinion, inter-related. Assess the nature and extent of this practical inter-relationship.’

For this essay you should draw upon both the practical methodologies of the chosen practitioners, as well as critical commentaries and theoretical perspectives.

This essay presupposes that consideration has been given to the context of the technique, but you should avoid direct exposition of historical details and biographical references. This essay should focus on conceptions of theatre.

Please do not attempt to only replicate/describe the practical or theoretical work carried out in class. This work must contain your own complex reflections on the chosen practitioners.

In relation to your bibliography and research you need to provide evidence that you have consulted at least two articles.

[Please do NOT formulate your own question in response to this brief. Your task is to respond to the question above.]

Assignment Length: 4000 words (+/- 10%)

Please note that this word count does not include the bibliography.


Variable according to placement – to be announced after placement allocations.

This should be submitted via the appropriate link on VLE page.

  • Remember you should save your essay in the following format: second name_first name TP Essay 2022.doc

For example: Smith_Alice TP Essay 2022. doc

Theatre Practitioners in the 20th Century

Written Assignment Assessment Map

1. Fulfilment of the Terms and Scope of the Assignment Briefing

Please pay close attention to this essay question. We will be looking for the following elements in your response:

  • Your ability to formulate a clear argument about the inter-relationship between the two practices;
  • Your ability to focus on the two concepts/techniques, developing a detailed appreciation of each one;
  • Your ability to balance the coverage of the two concepts/techniques throughout the essay as a whole;
  • Your ability to construct a clear analysis of the practitioners’ theories and/or practice;
  • Your ability to evaluate the similarities and differences between two concepts/techniques, with clarity and in detail;
  • Your ability to select appropriate and pertinent examples and references to support your statements.

2. Structure: Coherence and Argument

Of key importance in this essay is your ability to argue for a connection between specific aspects of the practice of two practitioners. In order to achieve this within the word limit you will need to carefully consider the structure of your argument.

  • Do you have a clear thesis (position) about the level of connection between the two concepts/techniques?
  • Have you built this argument clearly and systematically?
  • Have you avoided digression/distractions?
  • Have you evidenced your argument with appropriate examples and/or theory? 
  • Have you considered counter-arguments in your process of researching your argument and adjusted it as necessary?
  • Have you adopted a suitable structure to compare the two concepts/techniques?
  • Try to avoid ‘signposting’ where the essay will go as this actually breaks the structure of your argument, rather than assisting it. You can use this in the planning stage but please remove it in the later stages.

3. Relevance of Research Material and its Use in the Assignment

This essay will depend on you expanding on the lectures/workshops given during the module. It will be helpful for you to consider the practical experience of the work, as well as extending your theoretical research.

  • You will need to demonstrate that you have a good range of research material from a variety of sources, including evidence that you have referred to at least two journal articles;
  • You must thencarefully apply these sources to your assignment, selecting appropriate quotes or arguments that uncover the detail of the techniques/concepts;
  • Please note that at Level 5 and above Wikipedia and similar sites are NOT appropriate sources of information and should not be consulted at all.
  • You MUST correctly reference your sources, whether paraphrased or quoted. Please refer to the style guidelines for assistance or ask a tutor;
  • Remember plagiarism is an academic offence that will result in your essay being marked ‘0.’

4. Presentation, Style, Language and Syntax:

Of key importance in all essays is the clarity of your use of the English language and the layout of the essay. At level 5 your arguments should begin to become more complex and nuanced, but your language should always be clear. You will need to demonstrate this in your writing and presentation. Please note the following points:

  • Have you set out the essay and bibliography according to the style guidelines, thus making it easy for the reader to read?
  • Are your paragraphs clearly focused and structured around a specific point;
  • Do your sentences make sense? Are they overly complex? What is their individual function: do they advance, illustrate or support the argument?
  • Are you following the grammatical principles of the English language?
  • Is your spelling accurate: be careful of homonyms and theatre specific terminology;
  • Please avoid colloquial phrases/expressions;
  • Be precise;
  • You can ask a tutor for assistance if you need it, or take advantage of study support. 

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