“Many young activists of the 1960s saw their efforts as a new departure and themselves as a unique generation, not as actors with much to learn from an earlier, labor-infused civil rights tradition. Persecution, censorship, and self-censorship reinforced that generational divide by sidelining independent black radicals, thus whitening the memory and historiography of the Left and leaving later generations with an understanding of black politics that dichotomizes nationalism and integrationism. The civil rights unionism of the 1940s- which combined a principled and tactical belief in interracial organizing with a strong emphasis on black culture and institutions-was lost to memory. As the movement waned and contrary political forces resumed power, that loss left a vacuum for the current dominant narrative to fill.”

-Jacqueline Dowd Hall “The Long Civil Rights Movement and the Political Uses of the Past”

Hall discusses how political repression of the generation of activists of the 1940s affected how activists in the 1960s saw their political movements. With this in mind, please craft an argument for 3 different ways political repression has affected Black political movements from the 1960s to the contemporary moment.

Write a 4-6 page double-spaced argumentative essay answering the prompt above. Please use at least 3 readings from the syllabus and one of the Cointelpro documents from Moodle.

Use Times New Roman 12-point font, have page numbers and name on each page. Also include a works cited page in MLA format.

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