Please write a synthesis paper that addresses the six trends and changes that Nagle cited in the attached pdf “Six Trends and Changes”. Use evidence from the four attached case studies that explains the impact of these trends and changes on organizations. Please note that some trends and changes are represented in multiple case studies. You may cite additional cases and information from other organizations to provide additional insight about the impact of these trends and changes.

The synthesis paper should include an introduction and description of the trends and changes. The paper should then compare how organizations have responded to these trends and changes. Critically evaluate how organizations responded to these trends and changes by citing positive outcomes and consequences of certain actions. Create a separate heading for each trend and change in the paper. Finally, synthesize the impact of these trends and changes in your conclusion. Conclude your paper with two to three actions you will take as a leader in an organization to properly respond to these trends and changes. I’ve included a template for you to use that includes the introduction section, description of trends and changes. It also has the separate heading for each trend and change in the paper. 

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