The Genogram Project (22.5% Category of Semester Grade)

You are to draw a genogram of your family or someone else’s family. This drawing covers three generations and graphs marriages, the number of children in each marriage, birth order, and birth and death dates if applicable.  Follow the symbols shown in Table 1-2.  Additional symbols may be found on the web in such drawing programs as Genopro. 

Note that the creator or subject of the genogram is outlined in a bold or double symbol so that the eye goes right to this person. Significant relationships between individuals are also shown. These symbols are in Table 1-3. You may use PowerPoint or a similar program to do the drawing.

***Tables 1-2 and 1-3 have been attached as separate files***

You will then complete a Five-Paragraph Essay on the contents of your Genogram. I have attached a handout as to how to prepare and present a five-paragraph essay. There is also a grading rubric you should review before completing this assignment. (Instructions for the 5 paragraph essay provided in a separate file)

In the essay, you should explain the genogram and then comment on patterns and changes in patterns over the generations.  These patterns can be health issues, longevity, occupations, geographical, religion and spirituality, ethnicity, marital and divorce, and family disorders, such as violence and substance abuse. 

Look for a minimum of three patterns.  Discuss how we benefit from knowing about our family-of-origin.  You might want to begin by interviewing family members, such as a parent, sibling, or grandparent. Paper length should be 2 to 4 pages.

Table 1-2 Below:

Table 1-2 can be found on page 22-23 of textbook (Ch.1)

Table 1-3 Below:

Table. 1-3 can be found on page 45 of textbook (CH.1)

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