• Environmental disasters have serious consequences, both for the environment and the people who are impacted by the disaster. The goal of this project is to look at previous environmental disasters (all man-made) and see how the disaster shaped the economy and environment of the area affected.

o You will need to start outlining your paper – this week all that is required is a simple outline. You can use the following questions as headers for your outline:
 Introduction: What was the environmental disaster, and how and where did it happen?
 What was the initial impact on the surrounding area?
 What was done to limit the impact?
 What was done to clean up the area (if any)?
 Who was impacted by the disaster?
 What were the economic consequences?
 What were the environmental consequences?
 What were the social consequences?
 What is the status of the impacted area today?
 Conclusion
o, Include in-text citations to indicate where you will incorporate source material.
0 Include complete works cited (APA formatting) at the end of your document. At this point, you should be citing at least 3 sources, This is very important 1 of which is a primary research article

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