This is a 1500 word essay on the Casey Anthony Trial and how the Media had an effect on the case. It has to be in APA format and you must use at least 5 sources, with 3 of them being Academic sources. Please be objective about the case and don’t interject too much personal bias. Let me know if you have trouble finding sources or need clarification on anything.


  1. Introduction
  2. A description of the crime and it’s historical setting. Also a theoretical analysis of the crime event
  • For this section, provide a detailed description of the crime and the significant details of the case. Explain why it was such a popular court case and why it was so significant to the country.  Also, provided significant details from the trial as well as the verdict.
  • Provide a theoretical analysis of the points made by the defense and prosecution.
  1. A description of media involvement and coverage of the case from investigation to disposition.
  2. Provide stats involving how much this case was covered by the media starting from investigation to disposition. Mention the ratings the investigation and trial received.
  3. Don’t forget to mention how this almost became like a reality TV show since the whole trial was recorded
  4. Also mention how Social media played a big part of the media involvement as well. The Casey Anthony trial was one of the first big trials in the social media era
    1. Time magazine dubbed the case “Social Media Trial of the Century”
  5. A perspective concerning the media effect on the case
  6. Mention how the media constantly jumped to conclusions about the crime, thus negating the term “innocent until proven guilty”
    1. Provide examples of the media doing this
  7. Mention how 1st and 6th amendment rights were conflicting with each other due to the media frenzy surrounding the case
  8. Mention “Media Misogyny”
    1. The “otherness factor”
    1. Media and public responses to women who kill or seriously harm are much more exaggerated than what they are for men
    1. “Bad Mother”
      1. The media is obsessed with Mothers who commit crimes.
    1. Women who commit very serious offences are rare, so already very newsworthy, even more so if reference can be made to their sexuality
      1. The Media tried to focus on Casey Anthony’s sex life as well


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