Formal Writing Assignment                                                                                                 Spring 2022

The BMCC Computer Network

  • The College was created in 1965 and the computer network came in the mid-1970’s; it was a mainframe-based star network with a centralized mainframe computer supporting all of CUNY colleges. In the 1980’s BMCC used VT-100 terminals to connect to multiple mainframes (to provide additional capacity).
  • In the 1990’s BMCC’s computer network was modernized with PCs to replace the VT-100 terminals (which provided local computer power), some of these PCs were fitted with IRMA boards to connect to the mainframe computer. However, this option was expensive, so the college wired the computer labs with IBM 3270 terminals which provided a “native” connection to the mainframe. The ISO 7-Layer model was already in existence and the IBM Corporation implemented the 7-Layer model using a protocol called “Systems Network Architecture (SNA) which was proprietary. This SNA protocol was in use here and all IBM networks.
  •   The year 2000 was a major transition; PCs became more powerful and this allowed for applications to be written in a “client – server” processing mode.. Linux servers became more popular than IBM mainframes (mainly because of cost) and to readily connect to Linux/Unix servers (as well as IBM Mainframes) most computer networks adapted the TCP/IP networking protocol.
  • The TCP/IP protocol readily supported web-based applications and networking evolved into the web services model in use today. This transition was no different here at BMCC. About twenty years ago, the College implemented its first 10 Base-T Ethernet network (using a bus topology to connect classrooms and a star topology within each classroom):
    • Discuss the requirements for implementing a of 10 Base-T..  What did BMCC actually do..
    • Discuss the limitations of 10 Base-T..
  • About 5  years later the College upgraded to a 100 Base-T network and classes began at the Murray Building:
    • Discuss the steps that were necessary for the college to upgrade to a 100 Base-T network
    • Discuss the advantages and also the limitations of a 100 Base-T environment.
  • 5 years later the College upgraded to Gigabit Ethernet:
    • Discuss the steps that were necessary for the college to upgrade to a Gigabit Ethernet network
    • Describe the physical modifications that were required for a Gigabit Ethernet environment.
    • Discuss the advantages and limitations of a Gigabit Ethernet environment.
  • The Fitterman Building was opened in year 2011 and several Academic Departments (Including CIS) were migrated to this new building. To maintain network response and stability the network backbone (connecting the three buildings) was upgraded from copper to optical fiber:
    • Discuss the advantages and limitations of an optical fiber backbone. Which type of optical fiber and backbone topology is the best fit for BMCC? (Give at least two unique reasons).
  • In 2013 the wireless network was implemented as a complement to the gigabit wired Ethernet network:
    • Discuss the steps that were necessary for the college to implement a seamless wireless network.
    • Describe unique problems in implementing a wireless network and how they were addressed at the three buildings of this College
    • Describe how this wireless network enhanced your learning experience.
  • On the applications side, the BMCC computer network allows you to register for your courses on CUNY First; access your course content on the companion Blackboard website, or commercial websites such as MindTap or MyITLab:
    • Describe the BMCC network components necessary for students to access the above web applications. For this section, describe in detail the hardware components and networking protocols that are used in order for your browser to pass data to the webserver and the webserver to respond back to the client.

Are there desirable enhancements you would like on the network or to the above web applications? Describe other capabilities you would want built into the BMCC network (Bey

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