Nutrition in Health and Exercise

Select one of the athletes described below and develop a dietary/hydration plan for that athlete including the following parameters:

  • Prepare a plan for 2 weeks before the event
  • Prepare a plan for the depletion phase (7 days prior to the event)
  • For the carbohydrate loading phase (3 days prior to the event)
  • For competition day (including intraworkout/event nutrition/hydration
  • Make sure to calculate calories, grams of carbohydrates, grams of protein, grams of fat and volume of fluid required for each phase
  • Using a calorie tracker of your choosing, calculate the sample day for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins and minerals. Use this to make recommendations.
  • Recommend any nutritional supplement if needed with dosages/time
  • Make recommendation on current diet and point out and counsel on any deficiencies


  1. Marathon Runner

Chris is preparing for his first marathon race (26.2 miles) in a about a month. He started running 2 years ago in order to drop some weight. So far, he has lost more than 20 pounds. He feels great! However, he has never paid much attention to his diet. Currently he is taking a MV in the morning (Centrum One-a-Day) and Creatine Monohydrate 10 grams/day. In addition, he takes 800 mg of ibuprofen twice daily because he feels really sore after workouts. He does not have any plans on winning the race—he just wants to compare his personal best with his running buddies. He has breakfast/dinner at home and lunch at his workplace cafeteria.

Age: 40

Weight: 180 #                Height: 5’8”                  Body Fat: 16%              BP: 115/75

Current training: drills and plyometric exercies for one hour 3 times a week and he is planning to workout every day the final week in order to deplete glycogen

Current diet:

Breakfast—8 AM: 8 oz steak and 2 whole eggs/1 regular coffee with Splenda/500 ml of water

9 AM—1 bottle of water (500 ml)

11 AM—1 bottle of water (500 ml)

Lunch 12:00 PM—2 slices of pepperoni pizza/1 bottle of regular Coke (12oz)

Pre-Workout Meal 5:00 PM—1 banana

During Workout—1 bottle Gatorade Thirst Quencher (20 oz)

Post-training 6:00 PM—1 banana

Dinner 8:00 PM—8 oz. grilled chicken breast with 7.5 oz. McDonald’s Caesar Salad/1 bottle of water (500 ml)

  • Sprinter

Tiffany is a college track athlete. She has been competing since high school and was able to get a scholarship based on her good performance. State championships are two weeks away and her training protocol has been on point. However, according to her coach, she needs to drop 2 # before event day in order to be faster. She feels tired and her coach recommended her to take iron supplements (65 mg 3x day) and vitamin B12 injections. She lives on campus and has all her meals at the school cafeteria. In addition, she uses 100% EAS whey protein 3 servings a day (one serving in the morning, one after weight training, another before bed)

Age: 24             Weight: 119#                  Height: 5’4”   Body Fat: 10%             BP: 109/70

Current training: twice daily—weights in the morning and field work in the afternoon every day

Current diet:

Breakfast 6:00 AM—EAS 100% whey protein (1 serving)

7:00 AM—weight training 45 minutes

Post-workout meal 8:00 AM—EAS 100% whey protein (1 serving)

Lunch 12:00 PM—macaroni and cheese 70 grams/8 oz. Tropicana orange juice

Pre-Workout 5:00 PM—500 ml of water/ 10 walnuts

6:00 PM—field training

Post-workout 7:00 PM—500 ml of water/ 1 apple

Dinner 8:00 PM—half-pound ground beef hamburger with lettuce and tomato

10:00 PM—EAS 100% whey protein (1 serving)

  • Olympic Weight Lifter

Brian is a top ranked weight lifter. He has won the National Championship two times in a row. He is going to compete in the Olympics in Tokyo in two weeks. He is only one kilogram short from the Olympic record in his weight class of 105 kg. He currently weighs 101 kg and has been trying to put on weight with no success. He is taking whey protein several times a day to increase calories, BCAA during workouts, and Creatine after workouts.

Age: 28             Weight: 222.2# (101kg)              Height: 5’9”             Body Fat: 18%              BP: 130/80

Current training: 75% max for all mandatory movements

Current diet:

Breakfast 7:00 AM—10 egg whites/1 cup of oatmeal/1 orange

Workout 8:00 AM—1 liter of water with 10 grams of BCAA

Post-workout 9:00 AM—10 grams of Creatine/2 bananas/2 servings of EAS 100% whey protein

Snack 10:00 AM—1 cup of oatmeal with 2 servings of EAS 100% whey protein

Lunch 1:00 PM—100 grams white rice/16 oz. grilled steak/1 bowl of salad with lettuce, tomato, and onions/500 ml of water

4:00 PM—8 oz. grilled chicken breast/ 100-gram sweet potato/500 ml of water

7:00 PM—5 oz. of canned tuna in water/100-gram baked potato/500 ml of water

Dinner 9:00 PM—100 grams white rice/12oz. grilled steak/1 bowl of salad with lettuce, tomato, and onions/500 ml of water/2 servings of EAS 100% whey protein

  • Boxer

Natalia is a professional super light, heavy weight boxer (140 lb. limit). She has been battling an injury for the last 3 months. Finally, her doctor told her she is totally recovered and ready to push the envelope for the final 3 weeks before the fight. She has been training very hard. However, she stopped having periods two months ago. This never happened before. She is concerned about that. Her main problem during her training sessions is that she gets tired too soon. After round 6 she feels exhausted and her power decreases a lot. Also, she is 3# above her weight limit. She comes to you looking for a way to fix these problems. She is not taking any supplements. She is afraid they will make her test positive in the doping test.

Age: 26             Weight: 143 #                 Height:5’6”             Body Fat: 14%              BP: 115/70

Current training:

1 training session/day with 60 minutes of ring practice and 20 minutes of additional cardio and weight training.

Current diet:

Breakfast 8:00 AM—6 egg whites + one whole egg/2 C oatmeal/ 1 C strawberries

Pre-workout 10:00 AM—20 oz. Gatorade Thirst Quencher/1 banana

Post-workout 11:30 AM—150 grams sweet potato/1 apple/ 6 egg whites/500 ml of water

Lunch 2:00 PM—8 oz. grilled chicken breast/7.5 oz. McDonald’s Caesar salad/150 grams mashed potato/500 ml of water

Dinner 6:00 PM—5 oz. canned tuna in water/100 gram baked potato/500 ml of water

Before bed 9:00 PM—2 C of oatmeal/20 grams of raisins/500 ml of water

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