Word Limit and Citation

This paper is 740-750 words. Please do not exceed 750 words. Include references (with citations) to support your arguments on a separate page. Please include a references appendix that will not count towards the word limit

Topic: Should healthcare organizations who wish to recruit pools of potential candidates in an unbiased and ethical manner continue using ATS Systems?


In this technology exploration paper, you will create a high-level overview of the technological, ethical and public policy considerations for the selected topic above.  You are to create a compelling analysis for or against this use-case you have explored.

You should address your topics for in each category, to consider:

  1. Technology- think about resources, skills, time
  2. Ethical- for instance gender bias, discrimination in recruiting (doctors, nurses, CAN), individual’s privacy, sharing of information, use of facial recognition in recruiting apps, identify etc
  3. Public policy- what policies support your positions, what considerations should be taken for future advancements in policy

For your standpoint(decision), your paper must show assessment on the following basis:

  • Show an analysis of the benefits and risks of using the technology in the way you propose
  • analysis of feasibility for the setting(healthcare) identified (dive into whether the technology is suitable for use in that setting and consider the requirements for building or implementing the chosen technology)
  • clear expression of the ethical and public policy considerations and how they could be addressed, along with your opinion on whether the use-case is appropriate in the setting

Reading Material

The listed materials are to be used in your paper. To support your decision, you may also use materials from scholarly papers from 2010-2022. In the material in your citations. The listed articles are provided for use:

  • What Will Tech Regulation Look Like in the Biden Era_
  • Responsible use of AI opens in new window” 
  • Notice of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan (Guo Fa [2017] No. 35)_Government Informati
  • AI_Ethics_—-_(10_Policy_Proposals)
  • Should autonomous vehicles protect individuals or the greater good_ _ ZDNet
  • Ethics, Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Policing — The Security Distillery
  • The_Atlas_of_AI_Power,_Politics,_and_the_Planetary…_—-_(SIX._State)
  • NYC’s task force to regulate AI was a spectacular failure
  • What Will Tech Regulation Look Like in the Biden Era_
  • The_Atlas_of_AI_Power,_Politics,_and_the_Planetary…_—-_(CONCLUSION._Power)
  • Responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) – Canada.ca
  • AI early adopters in the public sector _ Deloitte Insights
  • How AI Could Help the Public Sector

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