The purpose of this discussion is to examine, document and examine the relationship between SWOT and linear regression.

Complete the following:

  1. Conduct Internet research to find an example of a SWOT analysis. There are many out there. Choose one that is interesting to you — summarize and cite it. Do not simply copy and paste it into your response — in your own words, write a summary of the SWOT analysis for the class to read. Be sure to describe and distinguish between risks and issues highlighted in the SWOT example you have chosen.
  2. Imagine that you have access to data that would be relevant to your chosen SWOT example. You want to conduct a linear regression analysis on this hypothetical data to address some component of the SWOT. List the dependent variable you would want to predict, and at least four independent variables that you would want to use to predict the dependent variable.
  3.  Write a summary of not less than 250 words explaining how your proposed linear regression model could help inform your chosen component of the SWOT example.

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