Multiple choices and fill in the blank questions:

Answers all of below question using the textbook I provide and brief explanation why did you choose that answers

5. Juno knows that there is a mouse under the cabinet.
In the preceding sentence, a(n) _______ conveys that there is a mouse under the cabinet.



-bridging inference


(fill in the blank)

6. The goal of a___________test is to investigate whether someone can understand that another person, who has been exposed to different experiences or information, may hold beliefs that are different from their own beliefs.

(fill in the blank)

8. If a bridging inference is made to connect two sentences that otherwise seem unrelated, it could be an implicature that arises due to violation of Grice’s maxim of_________ .

9. If you were to explain a topic from this class to a friend (who isn’t in the class) using lots of complicated jargon, that could violate the maxim of __________





10. If someone is served a very small meal and says to their friend “Wow, I don’t think I can finish all this!”, sarcasm could be implicated due to a violation of the maxim of _________.





fill in the blank):

11. Zwaan (1996) presented subjects with sentences describing a sequence of two events that were separated in time. 

They found that participants read sentences describing events across short time spans

_________ (fill in the blank) than those with long time spans between events

13. Sonja put on gloves but was wearing no hat when she left the house.
Based on MacDonald and Just’s 1989 study using negated and non-negated words, after reading the sentence above, subjects would likely _______ on a memory task.

-remember gloves but forget hat

-respond faster to gloves than to hat as a probe

-respond as quickly to gloves as to hat as a probe

-respond slower to gloves than to hat as a probe

16. _________ is the ability to place oneself in the mindset of another person and understand that others may have beliefs, intentions, and emotions that are different from one’s own.

-theory of mind



-false belief

(fill in the blank):

18. If you hear the following sentence: Bernice has to go home to feed her chinchilla.

And discover from it that Bernice has a chinchilla, this would be an example of__________ (fill in the blank)

19. Young children’s difficulties taking another person’s perspective during communication may be due in part to

-inefficient language skills that prevent them from describing a point of view other than their own.

-a lack of desire to develop beyond egocentrism.

-immature cognitive control that cannot resolve the clash between their own perspective and their partner’s perspective.

-lack of a fully developed explicit mind-reading system.

20. Which statement illustrates the use of a presupposition by a political candidate to convince listeners that an achievement of hers is widely accepted and agreed upon by the public?

-“The twenty-thousand deaths that my new program prevented would all have occurred under my opponent’s policy.”

-“I lowered interest rates and two months later, unemployment was down by 2 percent.”

-“Someone is responsible for successfully negotiating that trade agreement, and that someone is me.”

-“Everyone agrees that my policies have lowered crime rates across the country.”

22. The major theories of how people understand a sentence containing a

metaphor predict that successful interpretation depends on

-use of inflexible categories of meaning.

-suppression of some information about the sentence and heightening of other information.

-frequent use of metaphors in their own speech.

-consideration and rejection of the literal meaning of the metaphor.

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