1)Why were Mexican leaders upset when large numbers of Americans settled in Texas in the 1820s and 1830s?

2)Why did the Louisiana Purchase make slavery an issue of conflict in the USA?

3)Besides Missouri, what other state was admitted to the Union as a result of the Missouri Compromise?

4)The Wilmot Proviso concerned the legality of slavery in what territory?

5)How did John C. Calhoun feel  about the free soil position in the 1840s?

6) What was the major issue that contributed to sectionalism in the USA?

7 How did the invention of the cotton gin impact the southern economy and slavery?

8.)In 1807 when the United States Congress abolished the foreign slave trade with Africa, what happened to slavery?

9) Which group made of a majority of whites in the South?

10)Describe John C. Calhoun’s theory of nullification.

11)Define temperance , abolitionism an suffrage

12Which American philosophical movement influenced many early reform efforts in New England?

13) How did Charles G. Finney’s brand of Christian revivalism differ from those of previous Evangelical leaders?

14) Why did the Mormon Church meet with so much opposition as it began growing in the 1830s?

15) Why did abolitionists leave the Democractic party and create the free soil party?

16) What were the provisions of the Compromise of 1850?

17)Why was Kansas called bleeding Kansas?

18)What was the most destructive part of slavery that was emphasized in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

19.What political party formed as result of the Kansas Nebraska Act?

20)What did Southern states do as a result of the Election of 1860?

21) What was a significant difference between the Union and Confederate armies?

22) Which Confederate states were generally the last to secede?

23) Which U.S. Civil War battle is often credited for Abraham Lincoln’s re-election in 1864?

24) Which of the following sparked the New York City riots of July 1863?

25)What battle triggered the start of the Civil War?

26What was the Dred Scott case about? How was the case decided and what were the impacts on African-Americans and the spread  of slavery.

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