There are two questions, each worth 15%, you are to answer both questions.

  1. For question one, your complete answer should be 800-1000 words.
    Provide a concise analysis of the evolution of policies related to how elementary and secondary students are Tracked/Streamed/Grouped(TSG)
    within Ontario’s (Canada) public educational system. What are the key reasons for tracking, streaming, and grouping students? What are the benefits and costs of tracking, streaming, and grouping students in both elementary and secondary public systems? The Ontario government announced recently that it plans to de-track grade nine students in the public school system, do you agree or disagree with this recent announcement? Provide a critical analysis of why you agree or disagree with this policy decision.
    For question two, your complete answer should be 800-1000 words.
    Question Two: Provide a concise analysis for the creation of Ontario school boards. What is the jurisdictional relationship of school boards with the Ontario government? During the past three decades, what significant educational challenges have many school boards endured (particularly, Toronto school boards)and what have been their responses? Do you agree or disagree that Ontario (Canada), school boards should be eliminated? Provide a critical analysis of why you agree
    or disagree with your position.

Aim for concise, focused, and direct answers that provide clear evidence of the arguments made, to demonstrate that you understand the material, and can apply it to answer the questions. In your answers, the instructor will be looking for evidence that you understand the core concepts presented in lectures; therefore, be sure to provide support for
your assertions. Your answers will be strengthened by the judicious use of
relevant example and cases.The clarity of your thoughts, your use of specific passages from course materials to support your ideas, your ability to explain and analyze how your relevant examples relate to the questions asked, will all be considered in grading your answers.The questions are constructed to allow you enough flexibility to create an argument, based on what you consider to be the critical issues and analyze these
accordingly, rather than just regurgitating facts of summarizing arguments from different sources. Your task is to provide well-constructed answers with attention to the most appropriate theories, concepts, and analytical tools

You can draw draws from selected material, beginning with Week Two:
Structuring and Organizing Education to Week Five: Tracking, Streaming, and Grouping Students You are to use the lecture notes, required readings, and YouTube clips to answer the two questions

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