Be direct and avoid writing sentences to introduce something, rather explain and answer the questions. Make sure to refer to literature to answer all the questions.

TED Talk Activity: Watch the video ‘Do the first 1000 days determine the rest of your life?’ Link
to you tube
Answer the following questions in relation to the video and back up with research.

Question 1a: Latest science shows that all aspects of development peak before the child is 4-5
years old. What are these areas of development and how do to they contribute for the development of the holistic child? – Refer to attachment ‘Question 1a’. This attachment explains the areas to be mentioned in this answer. 
Word limit – 300 words

Question 1b: What are the factors that can deprive the child from brain development to happen?
Research and expand on these factors, also relating to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Refer to the attachment ‘Question 1b’. 
Word limit – 200 words

Question 1c: What is early intervention? Who are the students that can benefit from early
intervention and what aspects should be targeted in order to be effective?
Word limit – 200 words

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