Imagine that you are the health information manager for the newly formed Quality Regional Healthcare LLC. The chief information officer (CIO) has tasked you with developing a training manual on information governance to provide guidance to the medical coders and clinical professionals of the new hospital organization. In the training manual, you will introduce the overall importance of information governance to this newly formed organization and explain the organization’s current data-capture and distribution techniques. You will provide examples of common documentation and classification mapping errors found in patient health records and discuss the implications of these errors. Finally, you will examine how the organization shares health information internally and externally and establish methods to improve interoperability and the successful execution of health information exchange (HIE) between hospitals

D. Determine if the basic components of information governance are being met, given the tools and techniques that the organization currently uses. Be sure to consider sources of the data, what types of information the organization is governing, and data access and usage.

V. The Future of Information Sharing: Imagine that you have made recommendations to the hospital’s CIO regarding new policies for interoperability and health information exchange.  

B. Explain how improved interoperability will help the organization improve patient care and achieve its strategic goals.

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