Pre-Orientation Material

Thank you for your upcoming participation in PDSA Orientation. Before your first session please complete the following items:

1. Read the synopsis Decolonization Is Not A Metaphor? –  by Gracelynn Chung-yan Lau and review the text Decolonization is Not a Metaphor by Eve Tuck (p. 1-27)  2. On your own, research and take note of:

a. Who were the original stewards in your respective city/state? Consider using native land ( as a starting point for your research.

b. What resistance can efforts led by Indigenous communities and their allies be seen in your respective city/state?

c. Indigenous practices have been branded as a “new” thing, although they have been practiced for centuries (for example, restorative justice)

3. Review the DEI Glossary of Terms

a. Critical Self-Reflection Prompts:

i. What were your immediate reactions? Would you change any definitions?

ii. Did you learn anything new? Which terms are new, and which are

familiar? What terms were missing?

iii. Which terms do you feel are particularly necessary or unnecessary? Why?

Please take note of your thoughts, reactions, and research, and be prepared to discuss the things you’ve learned with your PDSA group. No written work or submissions will be required.

Please be aware that this session is only an introduction that exists to START dialogue around power, race, oppression, and privilege (PROP). Your group may not delve deep into every topic or into some topics at all, however, it is essential for everyone to start with common definitions and frameworks for us to set the tone of having these discussions within the program and with one another.

Additionally, in order to develop rapport and delve deeper throughout the program, we must all be open to being uncomfortable and holding space for one another in that discomfort so that we may all grow, be challenged, and become more self-aware. It is also essential that as social workers, we are equipped with the skills and confidence to be effective agents of transformation.


For folks who are interested in learning more, we have a variety of optional, recommended material and resources, available below. None of these materials are required for PDSA Orientation.

Other Recommended Resources

A Short Reading List for White-Identified Folks:

What is White Supremacy Culture?

 10 Insidious Ways White Supremacy Shows Up In Our Everyday Lives  White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism  White Women Drive Me Crazy

Recommended Media, by Topic:

TopicOption 1Option 2
Pronouns Identity MicroaggressionsWhat Are Pronouns? Don’t Ask Where I’m From? How Microaggressions Are Like Mosquito BitesWhy Gender Pronouns Matter The Genderbread Person What Kind of Asian Are You? If Microaggressions Happened To White People
PrivilegeUnderstanding Race and PrivilegeA Short Comic Gives The Simplest, Most Perfect Explanation Of Privilege I’ve Ever Seen
GenderWhy Gender Equality Is Good For Everyone – Including Men  Here’s Why the Gender Binary Hurts Us All
AbleismI’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much10 Ways to Avoid Everyday Ableism

PDSA Orientation Agenda

Session 1: January 10th

Theme: Developing Self-Awareness and Understanding Positionality


Ice Breaker/Check In

Building Community Agreements

Intro to Decolonization and Indigenous Land Acknowledgement Check-In


Diversity Profile Activity

What Do We Have in Common Activity

Check Out

Session 2:

Theme: Leveraging Self-Awareness to Foster Co-Conspiratorship

Group Check-In

Developing Definitions Activity

Dominant Narratives Activity

Group Check-In


Being a Co-Conspirator Activity

Conclusions and Applicability

Filling Out Evaluations

Check Out

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