Your paper (5-6-pages) is an opportunity for you to apply what you have learned in this class. Cite a minimum of 5 course sources from those listed in the syllabus as applicable to back up your points.
The paper has two parts:
1. Change Strategy: 3 pages
You are the CEO of the Spectrum Sunglass Company and are tasked with creating a strategy for its sustainability initiative in a high urgency situation. Big Mart is threatening to take away 30% of your business. Your goal is to eliminate 25% of waste through redesign of the manufacturing process, reduce greenhouse emissions by 15%, and create a new product line using materials that don’t harm the environment.
Please review the HBR Change Management Simulation Foreground Reading for Scenario 4: Influence with Authority, High Urgency. As stated in the Foreground Reading, the retreat with your team was yesterday and it went well. Today, however, you must now develop a strategy using Kotter’s Accelerate model that we studied in Week 7.
Describe how you will apply each of Kotter’s 8 accelerators. Within those descriptions be sure to include:
• References to the Dialogic OD framework along with other key theories, frameworks, and concepts from this course.
Leading Complex Change 304 5 9/1/22 8:47 PM
• How you will approach the change.
• How will you craft your vision and present it?
• How will you design the change?
• How will you engage the workforce?
• How will you monitor the change?
• How will you ensure adoption?
2. Conversation Plan: 2-3 Pages
You are a Director at the Spectrum Sunglass Company. Your CEO has just handed you a change strategy to implement the sustainability initiative. (Use the strategy that you created from (1) above.) You take some time to look it over. Considering the importance and power of conversations in driving change you prepare for meetings with three stakeholders and a town hall meeting.
a. IndividualMeetings:FromtheHBRSimulationScenario4,pickout3
people (see chart in Appendix A.) Choose one who is an adopter, one who is neutral and one who is a resister. Name each person. For each one, describe:
i. What is their point of view?
ii. What do they care about?
iii. What will you say to them?
iv. What will you say if you encounter resistance?
b. Town Hall Meeting: The town hall meeting includes a mix of people who
are adopters, neutral, and resistors.
i. Provide the main points of what you will say.
ii. How you will handle resistance in front of a large group?

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