1.Do you think that “fake news” is being used by politicians and others as a cover when they don’t like 
what the press is reporting? Or as a legitimate criticism of media coverage? Why?
2.In what ways do undocumented immigrants contribute to the American economy and to their local 
communities? Should these contributions be a factor in determining the government’s policies toward 
undocumented immigrants?
3. What role do public protests play in shaping American government and society, including laws, 
policies, and public opinion? What role should they play? Why is free speech a constitutionally protected 
4. The importance of family is a central concept in American government and society. How should the 
idea of family factor into attitudes and policies toward undocumented immigrants? Does every family in 
America—regardless of immigration status—have the right to be together and safe? Why or why not?
5. Schools across the U.S. are funded primarily by property taxes. What are the consequences of funding 
education through property taxes?
6. Do you tend to support candidates who appeal to you emotionally or who have platforms and policies 
that you agree with? What are the possible dangers of having emotion playing a central role in politics? 
Is it acceptable for politicians and political campaigns to use the public’s fears and anxieties to garner 

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