Readings: This assignment in its entirety, AND Bay College (BC)., Ch. 3

I: Introduction
As the reading suggests, information posted online now may have an impact on you in the future. Nothing online is truly private, and your online presence makes an impression on potential employers! If you were to open your social media account(s) to a potential employer, would the
resulting information make a good impression? Is there information that you would not want a potential employer to read?

II: Assignment
Read 3 of BC, and then complete the assignment as follows:
Write a short report where you discuss your online presence. While I am not
looking for personal information, consider the impact of your online footprint. If you were to apply for a job, would there be information that would represent you in a bad light? What would you do to mitigate the negative impact of such information? Focus on writing a clear document that informs your reader. Pay attention to style, grammar, and punctuation.

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