Place your answer to the question directly under the question.  

  1. Who is the speaker and where does he live?
  2. What does the speaker say about his upbringing (list 3 things)     
  3. What does the speaker say about our prison system at the time of the talk versus the past (list 3 things)?
  4. What about black men between 18 and 30?
  5. What shapes legal outcome?
  6.  What does the speaker say about the US and children?
  7. What dos the speaker say about asking the question: do people deserve to die for their crime?
  8. What does the speaker say about the error of the death penalty?
  9. What was the era of terrorism for African Americans?
  10. What does the speaker say about our ability to talk about race in this country?
  11. Why can’t Germany have the death penalty?
  12. Why is our identity at risk?
  13. Why must we spend time thinking and talking about the disadvantaged and the poor?
  14. What does our humanity depend on?
  15. What is the opposite of poverty?
  16. By what do you judge the character of a society?
  17. What was the magic motion the speaker wanted to file with the Court?
  18. How do we become full evolved human beings?
  19. What typed of crimes are people in prison for that has resulted in the surge in prison population?

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