You will investigate one of the most significant events of the 1980s:  the collapse of communism.  Using images, video clips, audio clips, testimony, etc. you will investigate why Communism collapsed, and what impact that has had on world history.

The 1980s have emerged in popular imagination as a distinct era in American history and culture, full of changes and challenges.  Your team’s job will be to summarize the highlights of one aspect of that era and explain its significance to history to the rest of the class in a thoughtful and stimulating presentation.

This project will require research outside of the textbook, both on-line and through specialized images, books, and articles.  The end product will be a presentation that would last approximately 15 minutes if given in person (more than 15 is fine, it’s more about quality than time). Make sure that a strong central theme runs through the entire project.  The slides should have a uniform design, font, and written style. 

My guidelines:

  • Use PowerPoint for this project
  • Focus on why Communism collapsed and the impacts it had on world history
  • Provide a slide for resources at the end
  • Provided sources (please use as 2 of 10 resources for this project):
    • (Essays in) Troy, Gil and Cannato, Vincent J., eds. Living in the Eighties (Viewpoints on American Culture), Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2009.
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        • Living in the Eighties will be in my library and you can read it online on a web browser (e.g. Google Chrome)
    • For the other 8 resources, please use credible sources
    • One resource has to be an article from
      • Pick any credible article from nytimes
  • Do not use YouTube videos as sources
  • Utilize pictures in the slides and provide sources for the pictures. These do not count towards the 10 sources required.
  • Voice recordings are required. Do not record them yourself. Please provide a script for me so that I can read them and record them myself. Remember that the total time for the PowerPoint should be 15 minutes (give or take) if given in person. Please account for the length of recordings in this time limit and please keep recordings fairly short. Again, do not record them yourself. Just provide scripts for me to read and record myself. There should be a short script for every slide.

Grading criteria:

Did the presentation put the incident/event/trend in the context of the overall era of the 1980s? 

Did it give background to place the incident/event/trend in its specific context?

Did it explore in detail why this chapter of the 1980s is important?

Did it make use of sources besides the textbook and recommended sources?

Were there recorded narrations?

Did the presentation include properly formatted references on a separate slide or slides?

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