Demonstrate your knowledge of the following areas in short essays.  The suggested double-spaced 12 fond lengths found in parentheses are estimates.   Feel free to write more, or if you are very good at writing concisely, less. 

1. Explain the fundamentals of the “three-part balancing test” developed for takings cases and how these were applied in a landmark Supreme Court decision.  How is this different from the way these cases are decided today?  What is the basis for this new approach for rulings?  Do you personally think this is a better or worse approach?        (1 page)

2. If Bellingham Washington allowed developers to build large apartment complexes that generated enough traffic to congested Meridian Avenue more than the stated goals of the comprehensive plan, what state requirement would this violate?  What state requirement might Bellingham violate if it required housing developers to install impermeable surfaces for large amounts of off-street parking and banned on-site water retention swales and ponds?  Explain the fundamentals of these two requirements.       (1 page)

3. What is an exaction and what is an impact fee? How do cities justify using them?  How are they relevant to subdivision regulations and capital improvements programs?  (1 page)

4. Describe three alternatives to traditional zoning.  How does each of these techniques attempt to remedy a shortcoming or otherwise improve upon conventional zoning? (1page)

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