• CASE C:  Fanny Farmer enters a written contract with Billy Buyer.  The agreement states:  “Fanny Farmer shall provide to Billy Buyer 100 healthy beef cattle at $1,000 per head, to be delivered by January 1, 2008.”  On November 30, 2007, a tornado, unheard of in this part of the country, rips through Fanny Farmer’s land and destroys her barn and, unfortunately all of her cattle, including the 100 cattle she intended to deliver to Billy Buyer.

For Case Study C, briefly set forth the legal arguments that can be made on behalf of Fanny and on behalf of Billy.  Your analysis should include a statement of the legal principle that governs the situation and an application of the facts to those principles.  You should describe the best argument that each side can make.  You also should decide which side should prevail and explain why your decision is fair.  Your analysis should not exceed two (2) pages.

  • CASE D:  Seller owns land that is suitable for agriculture.  Buyer age 25 is in the market for farmland to raise a corn and cattle operation.  Seller sends a letter to buyer which says:  “I will sell you the parcel of land known as White Acre for $500,000.”   Seller responds, in writing, “I accept that offer and will pay the amount specified for that parcel”.  The price is set accordingly and they close on the property.  Shortly thereafter, buyer learns for the very first time that the land is worth 10 times the sales price – unbeknownst to either party, there were valuable mineral deposits below the surface.  Seller wants to undo the sale.

For Case Study D, you will prepare two brief business letters.  First, stand in the shoes of Seller and write a business letter (not in excess of one page) to Buyer indicating your legal argument for undoing the sale.  Your letter should explain the legal principles applicable to the case and an application of the facts to those principles.  Next, stand in the shoes of the Buyer and draft a response letter (not in excess of one page) indicating why a valid contract does exist.   Again, cite the governing law and set forth a factual application that demonstrates Buyer’s best argument.  Do not add any facts to those given in the case study.

  • CASE E:  Tweedy is an aspiring restaurateur.  He wants to start his own French restaurant, but he lacks the needed start up money.  Tweedy’s wealthy Uncle Tupelo wants to help Tweedy out, and he makes the following promise.  “I think you’ve got what it takes.  I am going to give you $10,000 to get this project off the ground.”  Tweedy is ecstatic.  He quits his job, buys $8,000 worth of kitchen equipment, $4,000 worth of furniture, and enters a lease for space.  However, shortly thereafter, Uncle Tupelo later becomes mired in a messy divorce and he refuses to pay Tweedy.   

For Case Study E, you will play the role of judge and determine if you would require Uncle Tupelo to make payment.  Prepare a written opinion paper, not in excess of two (2) pages, that sets forth your decision.  In your opinion paper, you should analyze the situation under basic contract principles and fully explain the legal reasoning supporting your conclusion.  Be sure to include the law that governs the situation and the best factual arguments that both Tweedy and Uncle Tupelo can make to support their respective positions.   Also, explain what practical business lessons, if any, can be drawn from this case study.   Do not add any facts to those given in the case study.

*Please refer to the Case Studies Rubric.


Assessment CriteriaExceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

3                    4
Does Not Meet Expectations  Did Not Do  
1             2  0
Resolution Process and DevelopmentEffectively worked to articulate the rationale behind the resolution and provided many details pertaining to the decision process and fact-based assumptions.Effectively worked to articulate the rationale behind the resolution and provided some details pertaining to some of the following: the decision process the decision process and fact-based assumptions.Attempted to work to articulate the rationale behind the resolution and provided little or no details pertaining to the decision process the decision process and fact-based assumptions.Missing
Case AnalysisFocuses on the topic required and provides good supporting information/references.Semi-focuses on the required topic.Does not focus on topic.Missing
 Responses to questions are very thorough and comprehensive.  Appears well-thought out and planned.Responses have adequate thought development and information.Incomplete thought development and/or irrelevant information.  Appears hastily organized and/or written.Missing
 Responses to questions are detailed and own analyses demonstrate exemplary insight.Responses sufficiently answer the questions, but own analyses lack insight.Paper fails to answer all the questions and/or does not incorporate own analysis.Missing
 Fully addresses all the required topics.Fully addresses most of the required topics: Case SummaryAnalysisConclusionsRecommendationsDoes not address the required topics, or does not address them fully.Missing
Idea DevelopmentPaper is organized in a manner to enhance the presentation of the material with thoughtful transitions, logical sequencing, appropriate elaboration, and a satisfying conclusion.Paper is well organized with some transitions that could benefit from further development, a more focused conclusion, and/or improved sequencing.Paper is unclearly organized and difficult to follow.Missing
OrganizationFollows instructor guidelines for writing and has consistency in style with natural flow and well-constructed sentences that enhance the paper.Follows instructor guidelines for writing.  Paper has natural flow most of the time and/or some inconsistencies in style. Does not follow instructor guidelines for writing.  Paper does not flow and/or is inconsistent in style.Missing
Overall Effort  Written work clearly demonstrates exemplary effort. Written work demonstrates adequate effort. Written work demonstrates little effort. Missing
WritingNo punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.Few punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors.Numerous punctuation, grammar and spelling errors.Missing
APA FormatAll parts of the case Analysis follow APA format requirements.Most parts of the Case Analysis follow APA format requirements.Some parts of the Case Analysis follow APA format requirements.Missing

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