Q 6: A special kind of synonymy falls under the heading of euphemism, whereby a culturally or socially disagreeable word is replaced by a more agreeable one with essentially (though not exactly) the same meaning. For each term below try to find several euphemisms which are less harsh, offensive, or explicit. For item (h) try to think of several additional examples.

A. War: conflict, battle, fight

B. Crazy: nut, loony, a basket case.

C. Damn: darn

D. Fired from a job: laid off, let go

E. Blind: visually impaired

F. Toilet: restroom, bathroom

G. Poor: disadvantaged

H. Crippled: disabled people, special need people

I. Stupid: slow learner

H. Hate: dislike, not fan of


Q 10: Disambiguate the following ambiguous sentences by supplying paraphrases which are not themselves paraphrases of each other.

A. The lamp is over the table.

The lighting lamp is over the table.

B. Mary put the painting over the couch.

Mary put the drawing painting over the couch.

C. Frank walked over the log.

D. Jan put a table cloth over the table.

E. The plane flew over the city.

F. They live over the river from us.

G. The movie is now over.

H. The baby put her hands over her face.

I. There were soldiers stationed all over the filed.

J. The spider walked all over the wall.

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