Click to view the Savor Restaurant Case Study presentation. 

Additional information for the Savor Restaurant Case Study.

Please see the Instructions for Savor Social Media Calendar.

When completing the Savor Restaurant Case Study, please use this three-month template.

Submit the case here as a Microsoft Word document or PDF only.

Directions (100 points): Review the tutorial: How to Prepare a Case. Prepare a seven+ page paper (five+ pages of text plus cover and reference page) paraphrasing (e.g., using your own words) with no quotes or outside information that is double spaced, 12-point font, with 1” margins on all sides. All submitted case study reports will go through SafeAssign. Write in the third person avoiding “I” or “we” statements. Use 1-10 as subtitles, which follow:

  1. Cover page – name and other information as outlined in the additional information for the Savor Case Study
    Note #2 through #5 and #7 through #9 should be five + pages, double-spaced. #6 is a stand-alone document (Part II)
  2. Case Recap
  3. Problem Identification
  4. Identify the possible root problem components (competitors, leadership, external factors, other)
  5. Marketing Mix (discuss 5 P’s – product, price, place, promotion, and people\target market)
  6. Social Media: *Complete Social Media Calendar: Three-Month*
    Social Media Calendar:  A few tips to remember: 1.) Focus on 2-4 key social media tools (less is more) 2.) Use themes or seasonal mini-themes in your messages 3.) Think how your neighbor might use social media to guide them in choosing a restaurant 4.) You don’t have to be an expert to fill out this 3-month social media calendar
  7. SWOT (Note: Identify four strengths, four weaknesses, four opportunities, four threats)
  8. Sound alternatives/Measurements (Note: propose at least two+ possibilities)
  9. Recommendations (Note: justify your recommendation with anticipated resources, estimated budget, projected timeline, and possible risks)
  10. Reference page (original source material)

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