I. We are conducting a survey to determine if Georgia State University students feel safe on campus. We decide that we would like our sample to reflect the demographic characteristics of Georgia State University students. Specifically, we want to make sure that our sample accurately reflects the gender and race composition of the university. We would also like to make sure that we proportionately represent international students attending Georgia State. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to conduct a random, probability sample. We decide a non-random, non-probability quota sample would be the next best way to sample our population.

Use the GSU Fall 2014 Summary and Enrollment by Race statements on the following two pages (below) to create a quota sample of 100 students from a research methods class at Georgia State University which has 1,000 students:

Based on the information you found in the link, please address the following questions.

1. How many male students should be included in our sample?

2. How many African American students should be included in our sample?

3. How many nonresident alien students should be included in our sample?

II. True or False (Circle One)

1. Random/probability samples are most often used for small, qualitative studies.  T or F

2. Stratified samples are the “Gold Standard.”  T or F

3. Cluster sampling is a non-random/non-probability sampling method.  T or F

4. Snowball sampling is a non-random/non-probability sampling method.  T or F

5. In random/probability samples, each sampling element has a known chance of being selected for participation.  T or F

6. Snowball sampling is a good technique for sampling hidden or deviant/criminal populations.  T or F

Fall 2014 Term Summary Students By Level Undergraduate 25,328 Graduate 6,584 Professional 640 Total 32,552 Students By Gender Female(F) 19,211 Male(M) 13,340 Not Reported 1 Total 32,552 Students By Citizenship Status U.S.Citizen(C) 29,022 Resident Alien(R) 2,037 Non-resident Alien(A) 1,493 Total 32,552 Students By College Arts And Sciences (AS) 15,376 Business (BU) 7,804 Education (ED) 3,280 Law (LW) 640 Nursing (NS) 2,203 Policy Studies (PS) 2,205 Public Health (PH) 1 School of Public Health (SH) 285 University College (00) 758 Total 32,552 Students Average Age By Class Standing 10-Freshman 19 11-Dual Enrollment 17 20-Sophomore 21 30-Junior 23 40-Senior 27 50-Transient 23 51-Non Degree Undergrad 33 Average Undergraduate Age 23 60-Non Degree Graduate 37 70-Graduate 31 80-Professional 28 Average Graduate Age 31 Average Overall Age 25 Credit Hours By Course Level Lower 183,100.0 Upper 129,147.0 Graduate & Professional 92,353.5 Total 404,600.5
Tuesday 30-Sep-2014 03:15P.M.
Enrollment By Race (88)Report Description
RACESP 2013SU 2013FA 2013SP 2014SU 2014FA 2014
American Indian or Alaska Native92.3%  39.3% 87.3%  87.3%  45.3%  101.3%
Asian3,81212.3%  2,07813.8% 4,08812.7%  3,84412.5%  2,05213.7%  4,23413.0%
Black11,29036.6%  5,09433.9% 11,84236.8%  11,54837.5%  5,32035.6%  12,37238.0%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander42.1%  15.1% 45.1%  38.1%  19.1%  28.1%
White12,57940.7%  6,33342.1% 12,73739.6%  11,99539.0%  5,94939.8%  12,16937.4%
2 or more races1,1973.9%  5083.4% 1,3954.3%  1,3434.4%  5683.8%  1,5054.6%
Not Reported1,8776.1%  9806.5% 1,9746.1%  1,9316.3%  1,0106.7%  2,1436.6%
Total30,889100.0%  15,047100.0% 32,168100.0%  30,786100.0%  14,963100.0%  32,552100.0%

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