This is a take-home assignment. The essay should be written up using word processing software e.g. Microsoft Word. 
Number of Words: 1500-2000. Diagrams, tables, citations and references at the end of the essay are not counted in the final word total.
The report should contain: a. Introduction b. Main Body of Essay c. Conclusion d. References 
The essay must be original and must be produced independently. The focus of the essay is literature retrieval, analysis and communication of chemistry data in a relevant, creative and up-to-date context. 
Diagrams and figures should be used. 
Referencing should use the Harvard style format. A minimum of six sources should be used. These must be good academic sources i.e. books or journals. Refer to your referencing guide.


Introduction (20%) 
Give clear, detailed and specific aims and objectives that link precisely to the essay title. 
The introduction should contain relevant and informed background that provides clear context for the essay. For example:
– previous developments in the understanding of atomic structure.
– the previous work of this scientist.
Body (40%) 
The discussion should be developed and sustained in a logical manner over the entire answer and be well thought out, relevant and complete. You should have accurate and thorough critical analysis and evaluation of the material in your essay.
Information should be obtained from a range of mainly academic sources. Ensure the format is correct and complete.
Diagrams may be included to help explain concepts given in the writing (and should be referred to in the text). There should be some presentation and analysis of data relevant to your essay.
– describe and explain your scientist’s contribution to our understanding of atomic structure in detail.
– include equations and diagrams.
Conclusion (20%) 
Give a concise summary of the essay that relates to the aims and objectives. 
– summarise your scientist’s contribution.
– evaluate the contribution and how this influenced further developments.
– are their ideas still relevant?
Referencing (5%)
Use the correct format for in-text references and the reference list. Clearly link the in-text references and reference list. Use the correct positioning of in text references. 
Ensure you use a range of academic references. 
Language (10%)
When we mark your essay, we are looking for the sophisticated management of scientific language and the accurate use of chemical symbols and scientific terminology.
Your essay should show coherent and cohesive language that is easy to understand and is well organised across the paragraphs with clear linking and signposting. 
Use a range of precise and accurate vocabulary and a wide range of complex structures. Check your punctuation is accurate.
Presentation (5%)
Take care to format your essay correctly. Make sure your diagrams/ data are incorporated into your text (and labelled and referenced).

I choose rutherford 


All the mass of an atom is in a small positively-charged ball at the centre of the atom. 

Rutherford fired alpha particles at gold foil. Most particles passed through the foil without any deflection. Rutherford concluded they must be travelling through empty space. But one in 8000 had been deflected. These positively charged alpha particles must have encountered and been repelled by another positive charge of considerable mass, which he called the nucleus.

Rutherford therefore proposed his model- a minute, central nucleus containing all the positive charge of the atom and almost all the mass, surrounded by empty space in which the electrons orbited the nucleus (like planets around the Sun).

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