This paper is a case study involving the case of Rockmore v. State. And the textbook that we are using is Contemporary Criminal Law: Concepts, Cases, and Controversies, 5th Edition by author Matthew Lippmann. I will provide the link to the book in another message. Thank you. 

This Paper’s Topic 

Chapter 13 of our text discusses the crime of robbery. This crime involves the taking of property from another by means of force or fear, with the intent to permanently deprive another of that property. 


Follow these steps:

Read the case of Rockmore v. State and review the materials in the text regarding the crime of robbery.
Begin your paper by summarizing the facts in Rockmore (be careful not to just cut and paste text as your paper must contain 70% authentic content as articulated below).
Next, explain how the court distinguishes Rockmore and Messina from Baker and Simmons. 
Finally, explain why you agree or disagree with the decision in Rockmore. 


Your writing should be well-organized and should communicate effectively without distractions from poor spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation. Writing is clear as opposed to being confusing and/or ambiguous.

Write with purpose. Your writing must address all parts of the question and demonstrate an understanding of assignment instructions.

The length of each of your papers in my class is important. 

ALL papers must be at least 500 WORDS in length (minimum).

Your paper should be authentically yours. In other words, contents should not be copied and pasted from other sources. There will be times that you will use phrases that will appear as copied content because these phrases may be common and filter as ‘copied’ so I am making allowances for these types of situations. 

Specifically, your papers must be at least 70% authentic content. Your content must not exceed a Canvas filtered limit of 30% (phrasing, language, or quotation that appears to be common and filter as ‘copied’). Papers that filter as having more than 30% (common or copied phrasing) will receive point deductions.

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