Learners may use their own employment context to write an assignment based on assessment tasks. Assessment tasks are learning outcomes of the unit associated with Assessment Criteria. You are required to generate sufficient evidence on assessment criteria to meet learning outcomes of the unit within the rules, regulations and standards to achieve credits of the unit. If you are not in employment, please use the following scenario.
Consider you are working a Senior Retail Manager of Adidas which is global leader to sell sports and fitness equipment to its individual and corporate clients. Your job roles and responsibilities are recruiting, training, supervising and appraising staff, managing budget, overseeing products, pricing and stocks, preparing promotional materials, attracting new customers and liaising with the head office. As a part of your job, you are managing and leading various teams within the company to achieve specific tasks such as sales, promotional, and staff development to manage overall business operations. Your organisation is using Risk- based approach to identify, assess and investigate all risks within the business operations. You are providing an insight into the different risk profiles from both your organisation and on an individual’s perspectives to evaluate business environment and manage innovation. You are asked by the Directors to write a report to review, identify, assess and investigate based on following three assessment tasks about how to manage innovation risk so that innovation can be used to create advantage against your competitors in the sector.

Task 1 – 600 words
Review organisations risk tolerance in different environments.
: Identify and evaluate different business environments and the likely risks of those environments.
: Provide examples of organisation’s tolerance to risk taking and evaluate how organisations can measure tolerance.

Task 2 – 800 words
Develop skills to identify and assess the risk profiles of organisation.
: Produce a risk profile for an organisation.
: Review and comment on risk profiles of organisations in different industries.
2.2: Discuss enterprise wide risk and the benefits and drawbacks of such an approach.

Task 3 – 600 words
Investigate how innovation can be used to reduce risk aversion in growing organisations.
: Analyse the possible risks of innovation in an organisation.
: Produce examples of how to manage innovation risk so that innovation can be used to create advantage.

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