Retirement Speech

For this assignment, you must imagine that you are preparing to exit from your venture. Go into detail about how you hope things went down over the life of your business. Be specific and use the information you’ve gathered about your startup throughout the semester to guide your thought experiment. Reference your research when forecasting the duration of your venture. If you imagine that entrepreneurship is not for you, based on this semester’s entrepreneurial experience, then explain why and write about what you hope your nonentrepreneurial career would be like after exiting or failure. There are no wrong answers for this assignment, and I implore you to use your imagination. However, my hope is that you might use this assignment to reflect on the path you may be thinking about and where that path could lead you across the span of a career.

Things to consider:

How are you exiting (liqudation? IPO?)

What did you do in your career (e.g., did you actively manage the business)?

Why are you retiring?

How much did you contribute to society?

What big events happened because of your business?

Did you make a lot of money?

Did you have time for a family?

What might some of your regrets be (think about cost/benefit of using your limited resources – you only have so much time!)

What will you do next (how much time do you have left?)?

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