The word limit is 1000 words (+/- 10%).

You are required to submit an individual Research Proposal (1000 words excluding references – reference list is not included in the 1000 words).       The research proposal will need to include key elements/sections and will inform the basis for a systematic review dissertation.   The elements/sections to include (in the order highlighted below);   A brief introduction to a chosen topic along with links to literature key policy, current literature (400 words). A specific research question Clear aim & objectivesWhy methodological frameworks are used?Use of PICO or PEO (support choice as to why).A Reference list (Using Harvard Referencing).   Additional information and guidance are provided below relating to the different sections of the Research Proposal. Please present your Research Proposal using the appropriate headings.  
Introduction   The introduction should demonstrate an understanding of the issue/topic. The paragraphs you include should outline the topic of your study and introduce your reader to the dissertation. It is advisable to write this section upon completion of thorough reading of relevant literature, as at this point you will be aware of what you are introducing. You should provide background information of your research topic, provide an analysis of key issues and ensure that your work is appropriately supported.   As the dissertation is based on reviewing the existing material available on the topic you need to be sure that there are sufficient academic sources you can draw on to answer your question.  
Research Question   Getting the research question focused is crucial to a high quality dissertation. The research question is simply the question you intend your study to answer. If the question is too broad, unclear, has too many sub-parts or contains reference to something so obscure, you will find it very difficult or impossible to answer and you will end up with a final dissertation that is ambiguous and potentially disjointed. A dissertation with a research question that does not relate to your final discussion will appear incoherent so remember to repeatedly re-visit your dissertation research question, aim and objectives.    
Aim & Objectives   The aim should be realistic and clearly explain what you hope and intend to achieve by having produced the dissertation. Please ensure that you refine your dissertation to one broad aim that is then fulfilled by individual objectives.   The objectives are the research steps you take to achieve the aim. The objectives have to relate to your overall aim and you should continually re-visit your aim and objectives throughout the execution of your work. Keep the objectives concise and restricted in number. Long lists of objectives result in (or from) confusion and often do not get done.  
Why methodological frameworks are used   This should include an overview of specific frameworks and why they are appropriate within the topic/issue you have selected. You maybe undertaking a qualitative or quantitative study therefore it will outline what approach/framework is suitable.    
PICO or PEO (including information to support your choice). Examples are provided below.   PICO Before you start your search, it is important to have a well-built question. One way to construct a well-built question is to use the PICO model. PICO stands for patient/population, intervention, comparison and outcomes.  Patient/Population Intervention Comparison Outcomes Who is your patient? Age, sex, race or patient Primary problem Health status What do you plan on doing for the patient? Diagnostic test Medication Procedure What alternative are you considering? Another test, medication or procedure Watchful waiting What do wish to accomplish? Accurate diagnosis Relieve or improve symptoms Maintain function   PEO PEO is another framework that is especially useful when investigating a prognosis or likelihood of developing a certain condition as a result of a pre-existing condition or exposure.  Patient/Population:  how would you describe the patient or population of interest?  Exposure:  what pre-existing conditions does the patient/population have or what has the patient/population been exposed to? Outcome:  the outcome of interest; unlike in PICO, the outcome is almost always used in the search terms with the PEO framework  
References (using the Harvard Referencing style)  
Further Information All written work must be accurately referenced using the Harvard Referencing System, The guide to Harvard Referencing is called ‘Cite Them Right’. Please familiarise yourself with this system and if you have problems with referencing, please ask me for help. Please ensure that you check your grammar frequently, consider the structure of the sentences and paragraphs and ensure that your work is original and written in your own words. There is additional information relating to the issue of Plagiarism (and how to avoid it) within the Module Handbook.   Presentation of your work as well as the content will count towards your final mark. Please make sure your written work is neat and well-presented before your final submission. Written assignments should be typed in no smaller than 12pt. Arial font and 1.5 spaced. Please ensure your name and the module code is clearly visible on the front sheet of all written work. Please do not add borders or any other decorative elements to your work. It is acceptable that your reference list is in single space format.   Any specified word limit should be adhered to. You will not be penalised if your work is either 10% under or over the specified limit. However, if you exceed these maximum word counts you will have marks deducted proportionally, after your work has been marked. For example; a 1,500-word essay should be no less than 1,350 and absolutely no more than 1,650 words. If you write much less than 1,350 for a 1,500 word essay you would disadvantage yourself. If you exceed the maximum word limit you will have marks deducted as a proportion of the amount exceeded.  

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